December 1, 2020

Nicole Vail Cannizzaro is Gary Dourdan Girlfriend

Nicole Vail Cannizzaro known as Gary Dourdan’s girlfriend who got her nose broken by him received a unpleasant text message from Gary even though the judge order him not to contacted her.

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44 year-old Gary who portrayed analyst Warrick Brown in CSI, his personal life however is a bit quite more interesting, once married to super model Roshumba Williams (1992-1994) after that marriage he dated Cynthia Hadden mother of his son Lyric and Jennifer Sutton mother of his daughter Nyla.

His trouble with law got him in the paper’s front page more than twice, the first time back on April, 2008 when he was found in possession of  ecstasy, cocaine, heroin and other prescription drugs, the second came 6 months ago he was arrested from crashing between two parked cars he was also charge with possession of drugs although those last charges were dropped, most recently he was charged with felony battery and as you might be suspecting this one includes our girl Nicole Vail Cannizzaro.

What about that? well less than a month ago on November 6th, Nicole Cannizzaro happened to be at her boyfriend’s house in Venice beach where allegedly they got into and argument that turn violent and she ended up with a broken nose, police arrived and arrested Gary, he pleaded not guilty, but still Nicole got a a temporally restraining order against him, he was not suppose to see or contacted her or her dogs Charlie and Chanel, however he managed to send her a text message and that got the judge infuriated, yesterday we found out he (Gary) received another warning from the judge who grated Cannizzaro with a three year restraining order, if he violated once again he would send him to prison.

Nicole Cannizzaro broke up with the actor in March, she said his drug addiction was unbearable but things turned nastier after she cut all communication with him, he began to harassed her putt recording devices in her home and attempted to break in.

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2 thoughts on “Nicole Vail Cannizzaro is Gary Dourdan Girlfriend

  1. Gary was also arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend Anne Greene. He’s going to end up dying from a drug overdose or killing someone else. I wish he’d get some help.

  2. I find it strange that if he (Gary) is such a drug crazed person, tell me why are you the victim at his house. He wasn’t at your house. I do know for a fact that the women who date the celebrities, when they do not get there way they can make things up. For example: Gary is a 6 ft + man and he walks away from an argument and a pint size women lunges at him or on his back. The man then proceeds to use his reflex to shake her off of him. In her fall she hits something (furniture, wall, etc)breaks her nose (domestic violence -pinned on him). Of course she will act like the victim. I have uncles and male cousins who I repeatedly witnessed, get abused by women they proceed to walk away from and they never laid a finger on them. Jealously raged women, get on her bad side and she will make the world eat out the palm of her hand. Whyyyyy was she at his house? When the police arrived she (Nicole) didn’t state that he broke her nose. The officers stated they found her with her nose broken did anyone get his side. Just because he is the man he is automatically guilty. I have two sons and I have to repeatedly remind them soon as the drama begin get out of there – even if it’s your own house.

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