March 8, 2021

Noah Cyrus is Miley Cyrus’ Sister (photos, wiki, pic, bio)

Know Noah Cyrus? If yes, then it is only because she carries the famous surname Cyrus. Yes, she is the kid sister of actress and singer Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana. Noah is only 13 and has the same twinkle in her starry eyes that Miley had when she was her age. Noah, who has just become a teenager, has admitted that she stole Justin Beiber’s clothes during a Canadian award show where she met the singer. The kid sister spilled the beans in a recent interview she gave to Teen Vogue.Noah-Cyrus-Miley-Cyruss-sister-stole-Justin-Biebers-clothes (1)

In the interview, Noah has candidly admitted her crush over the Canadian singing sensation and revealed what it was like meeting her first love in person. She said that she felt crazy inside and found it difficult to even speak coherently. She added that she still does not know why did it but she picked up the clothes of the singer when he changed into a new set and kept the clothes in her bag during an award show in Canada.

Now, having a crush over Justin Beiber is not a new phenomenon. Millions of teenage girls around the world go through suchNoah-Cyrus-Miley-Cyruss-sister-stole-Justin-Biebers-clothes (2) feelings but not many of them are lucky enough to be able to get up close to their crush and even pick up his clothes. Noah exp0lains how she could get so close to the stuff of the teenage singer saying that the stylist for Justin at the award ceremony was the same guy who styled clothes for Miley. ‘Justin is my first love’, says the blue eyed kid sister of Miley.

Noah Cyrus has been candid enough to admit she has eyes set upon the Chanel purse that Miley carries around. She says she likes that purse too much and has asked her sister several times if she can have it for a while. Is it going to be the Chanel purse next, Noah?


Photo courtesy Pinterest