December 3, 2020

North Korea May See New Leader In Sister Kim Yo Jong

Many circulating reports now indicate that the younger sister of North Korean President Kim Jong-Un is now in charge. Jong-Un, 31, assumed power in December of 2011 when his father Kim Jong-il died of heart attack.North Korea May See New Leader In Sister Kim Yo Jong

Due to the fact that the North Korean government operates in very furtive ways, it’s difficult to ascertain any type of accurate information about any of it’s leaders. We is knows is that Jong-Un although only 31, a very young man by today’s standards, is suffering from such debilitating illnesses that he can’t perform his presidential duties. He hasn’t been seen since last month, and was noticeably absent during important government meetings. An anonymous source was quoted as saying, Jong-Un was suffering from gout, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia,obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. The Seoul Korea think tank, North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity was reporting that perhaps now Kim Yo-Jong holds all the cards and the power in her brother’s absence. She is reportedly making all important decisions dealing with the government of North Korea. She just turned 27 on September 26th, and those are mighty big responsibilities for someone that age. She made her first real pubic appearance in 2010 at the 3rd Conference of the Worker’s Party of Korea, when she stood next to her father’s mistress Kim Ok.

She was also very visible during her father’s Kim Jong-il’s funeral service in December 2011. She stood along side her brother. She also took charge and lead several people in funeral processions during the ceremony, even though she wasn’t officially named as a person in charge at the funeral. She was officially announced in March of 2014 when she was with her brother Kim Jong-un when he was voting in the official Supreme People’s Assembly. She was signaled out as a ‘senior official’ at that event.

An unnamed source at NKIS said that Kim Jong-un was on an extended medical leave. The decision to have Jong-un on an extended leave was made on September 6th, at the suggestion of Kim Yo-jong. A report in the British Daily Mirror said that Kim Jong-un is addicted to Swiss Cheese. If proven true that may account for his current reported condition of obesity. Curtis Melvin a researcher with the Korea-U.S. John Hopkins University said that Kim Jong-un had surgery on his ankle on Septemer 29th to have surgery on his ankle, and the surgery was very successful. Surgery was necessary because of all the weight he had gained, was putting undo pressure on his ankles and feet. Other sources are pointing out that Kim Jong-un has been absent for events for ten days at a time in the past. So he suggest this recent absence could mean almost anything. Supposedly Kim Jong-un is receiving medical treatment at Bonghwa Clinic, in the North Korean capital Pyongyang.

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