October 25, 2020

Olivia Sprauer’s Story: How to Become Famous After Being Fired?

Olivia Sprauer is a former teacher that was forced to resign her job after modeling in bikini. While the photos are pretty decent, the board of the school where she was a teacher decided that it is too much. It is common to see something like this on any beach in America. While Olivia claims that her photos are not a reason for being fired, and that she will sue the school, the photos attracted the attention of some famous photographers.

Olivia_Sprauer famous teacher fired

Olivia Sprauer in bikini

Olivia Sprauer was aware about the implications of her gesture, but she decided to take this chance anyway. On the other hand, she was disappointed for being forced to resign immediately. She was not going to continue teaching anyway, but at least she wanted to be allowed to teach until the end of the year.

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Olivia says that she benefits of the trust of her students. She became more popular after taking the photos, but the Martin County School District board decided that this is not enough. Sprauer says that she did nothing wrong. The photos are decent; it is not pornography or even erotic. The spokesperson of the school confirmed that Olivia was asked to resign, but when asked about the real reason, he invoked “personal matters”.

On the other hand, resigning from the school opened new perspectives for Olivia. The relative celebrity of the ex-teacher and her beauty convinced some photographers that she has potential, and it is rumored that she will appear naked in a local magazine soon.

The board of the Martin County School states that this has to be taken as an example. It is forbidden for teachers to appear in public in indecent photos. The only problem is the interpretation of the word “decent”, which seems different from one person to the other.

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