March 6, 2021

Outrage!! Dafne- Youngest Mother at the age of Eight

Dafne was just eight when she got pregnant, the father a 17-year-old man is on  the run, Dafne from Mexico who just turned nine, gave birth to a 5.7lbs baby girl becoming the youngest mother in the world.

dafne nine year old mother

9-year-old Dafne from Jalisco, Guadalajara gave birth to a 5.7 lbs and 50 cm. healthy baby girl on January 27th, at Zoquipan Hospital in Jalisco, both were released from the hospital a few days after the birth of the child, however due to the young mother’s age the baby will need constant checkups.child mother pregnant child

Dafne’s mother said the 17-year-old boy who got her daughter pregnant escaped and is on the loose, Mexican police are looking for him.

“La niña tenía ocho años y meses cuando salió embarazada. El padre es un joven de 17 años, pero no lo hemos encontrado porque huyó”.

“Queremos localizar al joven que fue responsable para conocer su versión, porque ella no reconoce la trascendencia de sus actos. Estamos en un supuesto de violación o de abuso sexual infantil”,

“the girl was eight when she got pregnant, the father is a 17-year-old young man who couldn’t be found because he escaped.”

“We want to locate the young men responsible to know what he has to say about what  happened, because the young mother can’t explained how things happened between them. We are assuming this is a case of rape a child sexual abuse”

In 1939 a five-year-old girl Lina Medina became the youngest mother, she began to menstruate at the age of two, when her father noticed her bulging stomach he thought it was a snake growing inside his daughter send by Abu (the god of the snakes in the Andes) it was until he took her to Chile that doctors told him Lina was pregnant, at first it was believed her father raped her, but it was then revealed  Lina was raped by her brother who suffered from a mental illness, she was four and a half year-old when she gave birth to a boy via c-section.

Lina Medina youngest mother picfive year old mother lina medinaLina Medina youngest motherYoungest mother in the worldZoquipan Hospital dafne

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