November 29, 2020

PHOTO- Kelly Altenburg Horace Mann Teacher Recorded bullying Aiken Chaifetz

Meet Kelly Altenburg Horace Mann Teacher Daughter bullying Aiken Chaifetz she is the former teacher at Horace Mann elementary where she was caught on tape while she bullied 10 year-old Aiken  along her aide Jodi Sgouros.

On February 17, Stuart Chaifetz decided he was doing all in his power to know what was happening with his son 10 year-old Aiken (who has autism), he was one of the students is Mrs. Kelly Altenburg (according to Fox, Kelly is a 25 year-old teacher and not in her 40’s)classroom at Horace Mann Elementary School, so he send Aiken wired, when the time to listed to the tape came Stuart was heart-broken, his son was the victim of bullying and worst of all  the people who were bullying Aiken were his own teachers Kelly Altenburg and the aide who was only identified as Jodi Sgouros (her story here)

Friends of Kelly Altenburg who talked to media said that Kelly is not like that, she would never hurt a child’s feelings specially one with special needs, she is hiring a lawyer.

“It has been very one sided and they need to review a few things and come out with a statement to defend herself. It is unfair that he put her name out there on the internet without her being able to defend herself.”

“The accusations are very out of character.  I don’t know if there has ever been an issue with this man before because I don’t work with her, but she wasn’t even in the office most of that day,”

According to Mr. Chaifetz’s follow-up video Kelly Altenburg is currently working Cherry Hill high School, a petition site has been created, requesting that Kelly Altenburg can’t teach at Cherry High or any other school again. In her linkedin profile Ms. Altenburg states that she is a teacher and consultant at Cherry Hill public school.

Or apparently not anymore this is a statement from Cherry Hill School..

STATEMENT FROM BOE PRESIDENT AND SUPERINTENDENT … In response to the recent media and social media attention regarding the district and Horace Mann Elementary School and, in an effort to communicate directly with our parents and community, Board of Education President Seth Klukoff and Superintendent Dr. Maureen Reusche presented the following statement at the April 24 Board of Education meeting.

“My fellow Board members and I certainly understand and share the concerns expressed by many members of the community,” said Mr. Klukoff.   “We strongly believe that the district acted swiftly, appropriately and judiciously with regard to the staff in the classroom.  What’s more, we are confident that these decisions were informed first and foremost by compassion for the students. We are proud of the many caring teachers and staff of our district who provide tireless dedication to our children and work ceaselessly to ensure that our classrooms are conducive to learning and growth.”

Dr. Reusche added, “In February, upon receiving a copy of an audio recording, the district undertook a thorough and rigorous investigation and, as we have previously noted, responded swiftly and appropriately.  Although this is a personnel matter and there are specifics that I cannot legally address publicly, I want to assure our parents that the individuals who are heard on the recording raising their voices and inappropriately addressing children no longer work in the district and have not since shortly after we received the copy of the recording.”

We used to have a picture of a person who we  were told was Kelly at Horace Mann, we thanked our dear readers who told us about  the mistake, we apologized for the inconvenience and for not acting sooner, we would like to ask if someone has a picture of the Kelly Altenburg,  former teacher of Aiken, to let us know.

9 thoughts on “PHOTO- Kelly Altenburg Horace Mann Teacher Recorded bullying Aiken Chaifetz

  1. I think the school system had better do something a bit more direct and very soon….Someone IS going to sue them and everyone else in sight! I commend the fater, but it looks as if they are trying to jerk him around.

  2. Agree, there is no way this is the same person. It says she has 23 years of teaching experience. No way this is the same girl

  3. There is NO EXCUSING some of the things that were said by the supposed “professionals” yet . . .

    some things do NOT sit right about the story:

    Mr Chaifetz says on the first video something to the effect that his son is a “wonderful and happy kid, always” but later refers to his son having a behavior plan. Is his son is a wonderful happy kid all the time, there would be no need for a behavior modification plan as there is no “undesirable” behavior to modify.

    Of course, this doe snot excuse the teacher’s and aide’s behavior BUT it does cast considerable doubt in my mind about Mr. Chaifetz’s account.

    Furthermore, Mr. Chaifetz has previously run for Cherry Hill BOE (twice?), lost, and blamed his loss on conspiracy to mislead voters by placing his name later in the list of candidates. This makes me questions SOME of his motive.

    With all this being said, there is NO EXCUSE for some of what the teacher/aide said.

  4. Get real — as if absense is an excuse. If that’s the case, then she should be fired for negligence. It was, after all, her classroom. People need to be held accountable for their actions and negligences.

  5. The reason for the behavior plan is because in this class and with this teacher only he was having a behavioral problem. That was the point of him recording the teacher BECAUSE it was not common for his son to have a behavioral problem. The biggest problem is that the children in this classroom have no way of telling what is going on, it would be like someone calling you names and picking on you religiously and you have no voice to tell them to go to hell. If someone called your child a bastard or even you for that matter how would you react???? i would probably want to hit them but because i can verbally stand up for and defend myself i would probably take a different approach. i know a child with autism and have become very fond of this unique and special little boy. it broke my heart just thinking of anyone speaking to him in that manner. I have a son that is 3 years old and he can communicate very well and if anyone was mean to him or made fun of him he could tell me. But our little buddy as we call him could not……this breaks my heart.

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