October 21, 2020

PHOTOS: Carlisle Brigham Champalimaud – James Brigham Jr’ Daughter (husband Anthony Champalimaud a suspect?)

Carlisle Brigham Champalimaud the daughter of the former budget director James Brigham Jr, currently the chairman for Warson Capital Partner was found dead, she might have fallen down a flight of stair at her apartment building, but she also had a mysterious cut on her neck, accidental death or suicide? Is Carlisle’s husband Anthony Champalimaud a person of interest in this case?


According to media 29-year-old Carlisle Brigham Champalimaud was found crumpled in the first floor of her apartment building in Orchard Street at about 11:05 a.m where she lived with a friend, since she was estranged from her husband Anthony Champalimaud.

Carlisle had blood coming out of her nose, mouth plus had a massive slash in her neck, her neighbors administrated CPR before she was rushed to Beth Israel Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

Carlisle Vose  Brigham Champalimaud was the daughter of Warson Capital Partners’ chairman, former chairman at New York City Public Development Corporation (1981-1985), former budget director (1978 to 1981) James Brigham Jr. and his wife landscape designer Holly Vose Brigham born on July 20th, 1983 in St. Louis. She moved to Fredericksburg, VA in 2006 where she enrolled at the University of Mary Washington and got her Bachelor in fie arts and Studio arts.

James Brigham Jr Carlisle Brigham fatherCarlisle Brigham Champalimaud  photo

In 2009 she  worked at the Field Museum  as a exhibit Installation Specialist, two years later she travelled to Signapore where she became artist assistant for German artist Michael Beutler at the Singapore Art Biennale. That same year she moved to New York worked as a Public relations and marketing intern at Echo Design Group.

Since 2007 Carlisle  was an Independent Design Professional, Exhibit Installation Specialist at the American Museum of Natural History.

On August 13th, 2011 Carlisle Brigham became Carlisle Champalimaud, she got married to 34-year-old Anthony Lindley Champalimaud at the chapel of St. George’s School in Middletown, R.I.

Carlisle Brigham Champalimaud  husband Anthony Champalimaud picCarlisle Brigham Champalimaud  husband Anthony Champalimaud

Anthony Champalimaud was born on February 10th, 1978 to his New Yorker mother Alexandra L. Champalimaud and Carlos Ribeiro de Sommer Champalimaud of Benavente from Portugal former manager at Banco Pinto & Sotto Mayor.

Anthony Champalimaud

Anthony’s mom is now who is the designer and owner at the New York based interior design firm Champalimaud Design, is now married to Bruce W. Schnitzer owner of NY’s investment company Wand Partners, Charym Litchfield, Connecticut’s famous spa and yoga center.

Bruce SchnitzerAnthony Champalimaud mother Alexandra Cchampalimaud

Anthony graduated from St. George School in 1996, got a B.A, major in English and another in political science from Bishop’s University in 2002 and a masters in real estate development from Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, planning and Preservation.

He is a member in the board of directors at Champalimaud Design, owner of  his Griffin Land Corp in Litchfield, CT and vice president of development at YTL Hotels.

Media claimed Carisle Brigham Champalimaud  and her husband Anthony were estranged, he was in London at the time of her death, police are questioning, but is like she tripped from the stairs. Her roommate a male who remains unidentified said she told him she was not happy with her life, but he doesn’t think she took her own life.

During the weekend she attended a friend’s wedding where friends said she drank heavily an continue to on Sunday. her roommate added that he saw Carlisle drunk by the time he left for work.


Carlisle Brigham Champalimaud  picCarlisle Brigham Champalimaud  photosCarlisle Brigham Champalimaud  picsCarlisle-Brigham-Champalimaud-picCarlisle Brigham Champalimaud  pictureCarlisle-Brigham-Champalimaud-photosCarlisle-Brigham-Champalimaud-pictureCarlisle-Brigham-Champalimaud-picturesCarlisle Brigham Champalimaud  pictures

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