March 3, 2021

PHOTOS: Cristina LoBrutto- Pathmark Old Brigde Employee Killed by Terence Tyler

Another crazed shooter stole the lives of two innocent young people before he turned the gun on himself. Terence Tyler a new employee at Pathmark Supermarket in Old Bridge, New Jersey killed Bryan Breen and Cristina LoBrutto, She was just 18.

Cristina LoBrutto Pathmark Shootings Terrence Tyler

27—year-old Terence Tyler a former Marine from Brooklyn whose military specialty was as a riflemen, he was discharged in 2010 after nearly three years stationed in California. He began his job as a stock boy in the Old Bridge Pathmark store on Route 9 two weeks ago. He left at 4:00 p.m. after he finished his shift at Pathmark, but within minutes he was back wearing a military-style camouflage uniform, AK-47 assault rifle and a handgun.

He fired 16 rifle shots fatally wounding 24-year-old Bryan Breen and 18-year-old Cristina LoBrutto, the rest of their colleges made it out of the store thru the back door unharmed. The final shot heard was the one Tyler fired on himself.

Cristina Lobrutto also from Brooklyn was described as a loving, caring and smart girl. She began her job at Pathmark in June, 2010; on the day she was killed Cristina was covering the shift for a college Miranda Miranda.

According to Miranda she usually had the night shift at Pathmark, but Cristina agreed of covering her shift for a few weeks.

“The way he looked at me, he gave me an uneasy vibe,” she said. “Right now, all I know is what keeps coming into my mind,” she said. “That could’ve been me.”

Cristina LoBrutto was born in May 11, 1984 in Bronx, New York. Her family moved to Old Bridge in New Jersey where she went to Old Bridge High school.

Ms. LoBrutto graduated from High School in June; she was just admitted at Brookdale Community College, Cristina planned to major in psychology.

Cristina is survived by her beloved parents Eddie LoBrutto, mom and younger sister Michelle. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them their families and friends.

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Cristina LoBrutto Pathmark Shootings Victim Video

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