September 18, 2020

Rachel Ehmke- Kasson/Mantorville Middle School 7th Grade Student

School and online bullying once again took the life of an innocent girl this time it was 13 year-old Rachel Ehmke a student at Kasson/ Mantorville Middle School who hung herself in her bedroom.

Rachel Ehmke Kasson Mantorville Middle School  hangs herself photos

Rachel Ehmke the beautiful daughter of Mary Ehmke and Rick  Ehmke who don’t want to see the students who bullied Rachel facing criminal charges, carrying with Rachel’s death for the rest of their lives is already a burden. Mr. Ehmke said he found out Rachel was eating her lunch in the girls locker room to avoid bumping into the girls who were bullying her.

“We’re not saying they’re bad kids, they just made some really bad choices. They will carry this with them their entire lives.  If they knew the consequences I’m sure they wouldn’t have done that.”

On April 28th just a day before Rachel’s death her father found out there has been another attack on her at school, according  to another father at Kasson his daughter received   a very explicit  anonymous text.

It was pretty explicit. Something to the effect of that Rachel was a slut and to get her to leave the Kasson-Mantorville School, forward this to everyone you know,”

Mr, Ehmke said he talked about with Rachel, he told him not to make a big deal out of it, he told her on Monday after school they would go over a list of new school, she told him she was now going back on Monday.

Rachel Ehmke hung herself at her home, her parents found a note with a broken heart that said “I’m fine” I wish I could tell you I really feel”

According to Rachel 22 year-old sister Brittany, Rachel and her older brother Jonathan planned to go out on that tragic day but he had to dropped her off to her mom’s house because she had homework, Jonathan called his father and asked him to pick Rachel at the house (Her mother was in Las Vegas at the moment) that was 25 minutes after he dropped her and saw her for the first time, Mr. Ehmke said when he arrived he noticed all the doors were locked, but he was able to se Rachel hanging by a noose  from a beam in the ceiling, when he eventually got inside he  took Rachel off the ceiling, she was still alive and call 911. Rachel was rushed to the hospital and put on life support.

Just before midnight  doctors told them that Rachel might not make it,  the damage to her brain, lungs and heart was way too severe, Rachel’s heart began to stop beating very slowly, until it stopped at 3:00 a.m

Recent reports revealed internet records showed Rachel went into a site looking for ways to take her life, there was even a person in a forum who tipped about it

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Rachel’s Beloved family, and friends, we joined them in the awareness to stop bullying all over the world, today it was  this beautiful, amazing girl tomorrow could be someone close to you. Stop Bullying!!!

Rachel Ehmke Kasson Mantorville Middle School  hangs herself photoRachel Ehmke Kasson Mantorville Middle School  hangs herself picsRachel Ehmke Kasson Mantorville Middle School  hangs herself pictureRachel Ehmke Kasson Mantorville Middle School  hangs herself picturesRachel Ehmke Kasson Mantorville Middle School  hangs herself-picRachel Ehmke Kasson Mantorville Middle School  hangs herself-picsRachel Ehmke Kasson Mantorville Middle School  hangs herself-pictureRachel Ehmke Kasson Mantorville Middle School  hangs herself-picturesRachel Ehmke Kasson Mantorville Middle School  parents


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