January 20, 2021

Rhonda Worthey (Rhonda Aikman) is Troy Aikman ex-Wife (PHOTOS)

Rhonda Worthey (Rhonda Aikman) used to be former NFL player Troy Aikman’s wife, since they just finalized their divorce, but aren’t you interested in find out more about the Troy’s ex? her DUI arrest and infamous mugshot?

Rhonda Aikman Troy aikman Wife photo

PHOTO: Rhonda Worthey

I wish we can tell you more about Rhonda Worthey, let’s just continue to call her like that just this time since we are so used to known her  by her ex-husband’s name shall we?

The truth is that before Rhonda Aikman became Troy’s wife on April 8, 2000 she was known as Rhonda Worthey and she was a publicist for the Dallas Cowboys, which was Troy’s team for 11 year, well I should mention that they met at one of the Cowboys’ practice.

42 year-old Rhonda Aikman dated  the former quarterback for 18 months before their Plano, Texas wedding, she has a 20 year-old daughter Rachel  from a previous relationship. Together Rhonda and her ex-hubby had two beautiful daughters Jordan Ashley Aikman (b.August 24, 2001), and Alexa Marie Aikman (b.July 30, 2002)

Mrs. Worthey  Aikman  and Troy announced they were splitting up early this year (Jan. 24th) they signed the divorce papers on  April, this was finalized in November, 2011.

**UPDATE*** Troy and Rhonda came to an agreement where he will give her $1.75 million to fulfill his end of their marital property agreement.


On August 27th, TMZ  reported Rhonda had been arrested in Collin County, Texas for public intoxication a class “C” misdemeanor, she was released that same day, but the mugshot was everywhere.

Rhonda Worthey’s photos and video below!

Rhonda Aikman Troy aikman Wife imageRhonda Aikman Troy aikman Wife picsRhonda Aikman Troy aikman Wife photosRhonda Aikman Troy aikman Wife pictureRhonda Aikman Troy aikman Wife pic10-144

Troy and Rhonda Aikman Video

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