March 5, 2021

Ri Sol Ju Is Kim Jong Un’s Wife/ North Korea’s First Lady (VIDEO)

Meet Ri Sol Ju, Ri Sol Ju is North Korea’s new first lady as reports of her and Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un’s marriage emerged. Want to know more?

Kim Jong Un Wife Ri-Sol-ju

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Previously we heard about Ri Sol Ju, when she appeared next to North Korea’s new leader Kim Jong Un at a Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters concert which was a special celebration for Jong un’s grandfather’s 100th anniversary of the birth of North Korean founder Kim Il-sung, she was also with him at other official commitments in the leader’s agenda and media rushed to investigate who this beautiful woman was, yes it turned out to be Ri Sol Ju, although media identified her as Hyon Song-wol. I am just as confused as you are.

Kim Jong un dated her years ago around the time he came back from college in Berne, Switzerland, but his father put a stop to their relationship and they eventually lost touch, Ri SolJu apparently became the lead singer with Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble her songs Footsteps of Soldiers,” “I Love Pyongyang” and “Excellent Horse-Like Lady.” were quite a hit in 2005.

Allegedly she got married to an Army officer with whom he had a child, but nobody could find  him or their baby. She disappeared for a while but reappeared last year at an event to mark International Women’s Day in Pyongyang which the dictator is said to have attended.

After Jong Un’s father died, they rekindled his relationship where they left it. She but once again people this was we heard early this month when Ri Sol Ju  was identified as Hyon Song-wol, Are these two women the same person???? It looks like media were dead wrong about  her true identity.

Because today it was revealed that Kim Jong Un is married to Sol Ju, and she is the same woman in the picture we previously saw. Media said there is a singer that also goes by the name of North Korea’s new first lady, but can’t confirmed if is the same woman.

While their marriage was confirmed until July 25th, some sources told us Ri Sol Ju and the young leader actually got married in 2009 when his father arraigned their quick wedding after he suffered a stroke the year before, rumors also said Ri gave birth to their child in 2010.

Ro Sol Ju born to an obstetrician mother and a professor father grew up in an upper-class family, she studied science. These info was reported by Cheong Seong-chang from North korea, who claims to be an expert in Kim family, he also happens to be an analyst at Sejong Institute in South Korea and an expert on the

Anyway, Congratulations to the new couple, also known today as KimRi.

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