December 4, 2020

Rosemary Hernandez – Etan Patz Killer Pedro Hernandez Wife (PHOTOS)

Pedro Hernandez confessed about luring , killing and dumping the body of 6 year-old Etan Patz 33 years ago, a chilling confession that has stunned the entire world but mostly his wife Rosemary Hernandez and their daughter Becky, I wonder did Pedro’s wife knew anything? Did she covered for him?

Etan Patz killer Pedro Hernandez wife Rosemary Hernandez

51 year-old Pedro Hernandez is a ill man according to his attorney his clients suffers from a bipolar disorder,  depression as well as schizophrenia, he was transferred to a mental hospital after he stopped taking his medication and talked about killing himself, but before all of this he told the horrible story of the crime he committed on May 25th, 1979 exactly 33 years ago when he was a 18 year-old boy working a a bodega where he lured 6 year-old Etan Patz who was given permission from his parents to walk home for the first time. Hernandez  promised the child a soda, but instead he strangled him, put his lifeless body in a bag and tossed it in the trash, that innocent child became the first missing child to appeared on a milk carton, today he gets justice.

Pedro Hernandez was charged with second-degree murder from  Bellevue Hospital where he has been temporarily placed on suicide watch. The discovery came a month after Pedro’s brother in-law contacted police and told him Pedro confessed about killing an unnamed boy.

By the time of his arrest Pedro Hernandez was living a norm al life as a married man and father of one, his wife Rosemary Hernandez was skeptical, confused, disturbed and broken about finding out that for the past years she lived, loved and share the best years with a man she didn’t even know anymore, who was he? the father of her little Becky, the man who vowed to love her was a killer worst of all he killed an innocent child and continued to live his life like if nothing ever happened, what kind of monster does that? it was her husband.

Now she laid alone in her two-bedroom home in Maple Shade, N.J, the house where she waited for her husband, where they would grew old together, where someday her grandchildren would visit them was the last place she saw Pedro on the day police arrested him and now is filled with reporters, cameras and photographers, probably many of those photographers were the same that took pictures of her and her 20 year-old daughter as they left the criminal court in Manhattan with her husband’s  attorney Harvey Fishbein.

Where can she find peace? the only person that came to her mind was Rev. George Bowen her pastor at the Maranatha Christian Fellowship church in Moorestown, New Jersey where Rosemary and her daughter served as greeters, the pastor spoke about his meeting with Rosemary Hernandez and Becky.

“They were devastated, they looked like they had just been run over by a truck. It was horrible. Both of them were crying their eyes out. They were telling me this is what happened and wanted me to know… It was just too much.”

One questions remains, media said Mr. Hernandez first told family member about his crime in 1981, certainly he was not married to Rosemary his second  wife at that time, but what about his first wife?  who is she? where is she? and most importantly what can she said about this?

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