March 7, 2021

Sarah Trigger Cryer is Jon Cryer’s ex-wife

It seemed that Jon Cryer and his Two and a Half Men character Alan Harper might have something in common after all an ex-wife demanding child supports, and this takes us to the Cryer’s ex-Sarah Trigger Cryer, would you like to know more about? then let’s begin!


There was a time when 42 year-old Sarah Trigger was famous or sort of famous she appeared in 16 movies from 1989 to 1999, some of the most famous are Fellow Traveller as Gloria on 1989, Bill and Ted Bogus Journey on 1991, Pet Sematary II on 1992 to name a few.

Sarah Louise Trigger was born in London on June 12, 1969,  she moved to the U.S on 1987 at age 18, she and Jon Cryer got married on 1999, her first son Charlie Austin was born in Los Angeles on 27 June 2000, Trigger and Cryer divorced on 2004. Sarah remarry David Dickey and had one child together, it is unknown when she got married if she really did or how old her second child is. They separated and she began to date a guy named Eddie Sanchez.

On 2009 Sarah Trigger was arrested and released after paid a $100.000 bail the charges were felony child neglect, her two year-old son with Dickey was found with a rope marks around his neck, police was called by the child’s father, Charlie was not at home but due to this incident Jon was granted full custody of  his son 8 at the time. After that event Jon filed a claim, to cut down the $8.000 child support  he gave to Sarah since he was given full custody of Charlie.

It was rumored that Sarah told her lawyer that her boyfriend (Sanchez) told her he was going to kill Jon and David, she was so disturbed that she called their lawyers, when Sanchez was questioned he said he never said such thing but added that Sarah had mentioned she wanted them dead more than once. Her family denied everything.

Years went by and Sarah and Jon continued to fight over the child support money until  this August when he was ordered to continue to pay her even thought he holds full custody of their son, Why? Oh Man because of the family law section 4053, that said, “Child support may therefore appropriately improve the custodial lives of the household to improve the lives of the children.”

And you know what else he has to pay for Sarah’s legal fees about $40.000, Sorry Jon!


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