March 3, 2021

Several Law Makers Calling for Secret Service Chief Julia Pierson’s Resignation!

Top republican and democrats are calling for the chief of the Secret Service, Julia Pierson to resign. The issue at hand is the recent security breach at the White House.

Update: Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigns

Julia Pierson Chief of Secret Service
Julia Pierson Chief of Secret Service

On September 19th, Omar Gonzalez scaled a fence at the White House, and walked through the front unlocked door of the White House. He made it all the way to the entrance of the President and first families living quarters. The President and his family only left ten minutes before Gonzalez entered the White House.  He was only stopped when he was noticed by an off duty security officer, who was just getting off of his shift. He noticed Gonzalez tackled him and was able to apprehend him. He was able to get further into the White House than was originally reported. There was a separate incident also in September when an armed felon rode an elevator with President Obama after a speaking engagement in Atlanta, Georgia. Pierson testified before the Oversight Committee on Tuesday regarding Gonzalez, Atlanta and other issues regarding the safety of the President. There appear to be more questions than answers after her testimony.Several Law Makers Calling for Secret Service Chief Julia Pierson's Resignation!

Republican representative Doug Collins from Georgia, who was at the committee hearing  on Tuesday, has some harsh criticism to offer regarding Pierson. He told MSNBC that Pierson has repeatedly failed to protect the President which is her only job. When Collins was pressed to further elaborate, he said he had no confidence in the ability of Pierson to protect the President or the President’s family. Collins went on to say that he didn’t think Pierson should be in charge of the secret service. Pierson had to appear before the committee on Tuesday. She addressed questions regarding the Gonzalez incident as well as the Atlanta breach and several other issues. Gonzalez an army veteran of the Iraq War, was addressed by Pierson during the Tuesday hearing she said that it was “unacceptable”.

On Wednesday Collins said he thought long and hard about his decision to ask for Pierson to resign. He said it’s an important issue that he does not take lightly. Collins told reporters it’s not only the White House incident, it’s several other incidents that brought to the attention of the committee, regarding threats to the Presidents life and his family lives. He said Pierson and the Secret Service have “failed miserably” in their job of protecting the President. He called or immediate changes, he said the risk of further security breaches are too great with Pierson in charge. Another committee member who was at the hearing is Democrat Elijah Cummings a representative from Maryland said, after hearing Pierson testify on Tuesday he doesn’t feel that she should be in her position any longer. He came just short of asking her to resign. Pierson is a native of Orlando, Florida. She is a former police officer with the Orlando Police Department. She was one of the first woman to patrol the streets of Orlando. She was also on security details for Presdent Clinton and both of the Bush Presidents.

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