October 20, 2020

Shakira Not to Pay a Dime to Ex Antonio de la Rua

Shakira has ripped Antonio de la Rua for filing a $100 million lawsuit against her claiming credit for the success and earning of the singing star. He had said that it was he who was responsible for Shakira turning into an international singer and dancer.  Antonio de la Rua told reporters recently that it was he behind the scenes who worked hard to make Shakira a well known celebrity. However, the international sex symbol has minced no words in ripping apart the claims of her ex boyfriend. She has said that she was already well known at the international level by the time she met and started to date Antonio in 2000.shakira_610779

It is no secret that Antonio was the man in the life of the Colombian singing star since 2000 and the couple lived happily till 2010 when the news about their breakup appeared in the press. However, the breakup became sensational with the lawsuit that the ex lover of Shakira filed claiming $100 million in compensation from the singer. In the lawsuit, Antonio said that all this while from 2000 to 2010, he worked as a manager for Shakira and helped her secure some really lucrative deals and offers. In lieu of all the hard work done for the singer, Antonio has said that he deserves to be paid at least $100 million as compensation.

shakira585_jpgThis lawsuit may be one of the very few dark spots in an otherwise sizzling career for the international singer and dancer who has just become mom of a baby boy and is living happily with her lover who happens to be a Spanish Football star. This year, Shakira has taken over from Christina Aguilera as a coach on the popular TV show The Voice and experts believe she is doing her job as a coach very well. Her chemistry with other coaches on the show such as Usher, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine is also working well. The Voice has a very distinct format where the coaches have to select singers in their teams by taking auditions of the singers. Initially, Shakira caused a bit of a stir with her blunt remarks but soon she mended ways and is now seen talking and guiding singers in a very gracious manner. She even joked that she’d rather be careful and keep herself under control as otherwise singers on the show would make her life miserable.

Coming back to the lawsuit, Shakira has sent a request to the judge who is supposed to hear the lawsuit filed by her exShakira-Ex-Boyfriend boyfriend. She has asked the judge to dismiss the lawsuit at it is frivolous and has no substance in it. Though the sexy ballerina admits to being helped by the boyfriend on several occasions, she says that she never hired him in any official position.

The 2010 breakup between the 35 year old Colombian singer and her boyfriend that appeared amicable at that time has now turned into an ugly spat between the two.