February 24, 2021

Sheriff to Recommend Prosecution for Justin for Alleged Battery

justin-bieber-battery-lead2The Office of the District Attorney in LA count y has reportedly taken battery allegations against singer Justin Bieber seriously if reports published in some newspapers are to be believed. According to sources, LA Sheriff might recommend the incident that involved altercation between Justin and his neighbor to DA of LA after police investigations are over. According to insiders, it is not just this incident where Bieber has shown disregard for law as he has been getting tickets for reckless driving and speeding, having fights, been involved with drugs, and so on in the recent past.

If one believes the theory put forward by law enforcement authorities, these minor offences, if ignored or left unnoticed, have a serious chance of snowballing into criminal conducts of serious nature. Justin obviously has people looking at his behaviors and violations of law seriously. Whether or not the pop singer gets punished for his alleged battery, he is sure to receive a rap on the knuckles for his misdemeanors and uncontrollable angerIf reports coming in are to be believed, the action being contemplated by the Sheriff’s Office has nothing to do with the fact that Justin is a celebrity. Law enforcement authorities believe Justin is getting out of hand of late and he certainly needs professional help.0329-justin-bieber-6


Justin has had fits of anger of late

It would not be out of place to remind our readers about the incident that has the potential to land the singing star into trouble with the law enforcement agencies.  It was on March 26 that Justin’s neighbor called up police alleging that the teenaged singing sensation was driving at a dangerous speed of 100mph when approaching the neighborhood. Justin was obviously peeved by this incident, and when the 47 year old neighbor tried to get close to Beiber’s house, he got really angry and reportedly spit in the face of his neighbor. Justin also allegedly threatened to kill his neighbor. Lawyers working in the office of the DA are of the view that spitting crimes are being taken seriously by juries as they are indicative of extremely aggressive behavior that is also very disgusting.


Spitting is considered poor behavior worthy of punishment

Justin’s neighbor, who was at the receiving end of the singer’s alleged battery, is of the view that the teen idol deserves wenn20179218punishment for his brutal behavior and that he would cooperate fully with the law enforcement authorities should they decide to take action against the erring singing star. There are many out there in public who believe that spitting on someone’s face is perhaps the lowliest of behaviors that deserve strong condemnation and strict punishment from the law.

Sheriff’s office is waiting for the result of the police investigation in this incident of battery involving Justin Bieber. They have yet not made any recommendation but say that they have been upset with the unruly behavior of the singing sensation of late and plan to recommend prosecution and jail in a bid to get the star punished for his misdeeds.