October 21, 2020

VIDEO: Sienna Stoney Edwards- Jumped from 14 story balcony after Threaten by Kenya Edmonds?

A young woman was threatened before she jumped top her death from a 14 story balcony at the Bronx, her name was Sienna Edwards, why did she go there? who threatened her?

sienna edwards bronx woman jumped off balcony picture

20 year-old Sienna Edwards made her boyfriend’s cousin a favor by going to his baby mama 23 year-old Kenya Edmonds apartment in the Bronx, Carl Purcell asked Sienna to delivered his three year-old daughter  some gift because there was a protection order against  him.

But Sienna never got  out of the apartment alive, she made a 911 call shortly after 9:00 p.m, her voice was never heard by the dispatcher but another threatening voice was audible in the background..

“In the background there are voices that say, ‘You’re not going to leave here alive, you’re not going to leave here alive,’”

Sienna Edwards managed to called her boyfriend Timothy Smith too, she asked him for help, and he rushed to her  side, but sadly by the time he arrived her lifeless body laid on the pavement..

“When she called me, she said they had a knife to her neck, I called her back 50 times, but I never heard back from her.”

Timothy added that Sienna’s death was the case of an mistaken identity after Edmonds thought Sienna was Purcell’s girlfriend. Investigators arrived at the crime scene and said Sienna died to her injuries, they also arrested Kenya Edmonds she was charged with 2nd-degree murder and 1st-degree manslaughter

This is a probable pic of Kenya Edmonds, let us know if we are mistaken

Sienna Stoney Edwards, from the Bronx, New York was only 20 years-old, we are sadden by this tragic news, our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends throughout this terrible time.

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47 thoughts on “VIDEO: Sienna Stoney Edwards- Jumped from 14 story balcony after Threaten by Kenya Edmonds?

  1. Just pure awful. She was doing a good deed and paid with her young life. Lock those broads up who threatened her life. No excuse for what they did to Sienna.

  2. I can not believe this happened ..what exactly was these girls thought process. This young lady comes to bring gifts and you push her off a balcony?? and all because you can not control your ghetto rage and jealousy? under the jail is where everyone in that apartment belongs. you are all worthless pieces of crap ..Rest in peace Sienna …and to her family i am so very sorry for your loss. revenge is mine safety the lord..leave it with him..put it in gods hands..and i pray he shows these women the same mercy they didn’t show going Sienna


  4. How in the world does she gt a manslaughter charge for pushin someone 14 stories down a building?? That makes no sense to me I thought manslaughter was an accidental death. You can’t gt thrown over a balcony by accident

  5. that mother should have been glade that someone like sienna came to bring her kid a gift something the father didnt do..now look she lost her young life for some bullshit that bm should be locked up for life for taking another.. justice for the family of sienna so saddd bring tears to my eyes.

  6. This is so sad a young girl lost her life for trying to help someone. A very attractive young women is pyshed to her death because ghetto byrds refuse to act civil? Even if that was her baby fayher new gf she is not god it wasnt her choice to end that girl life. Kenya wasnt ready to be a mom she was still a child a real mom would have thought of the consequences of her actions now she will be removed from her childs life for jealousy and precious sienna will never have a child of her own. RIP sienna and condolences to her family. Its crazy the world we live in.

  7. Yes, the mother and everybody else who were involved in treating of this young woman. Which result to her death, will be facing serious prison time, and then they had the nurvers to call 911 and say she committed suicide.even if she was trying to get away by jumping to the lower balcony and slipped and fell. The are still going to face charges. It’s there fault

  8. I agrre with you. It saddens me to see that Sienna was murdered. I am curious on why Kenya had a restraining order on the father of there child.. I hope and pray that the child doesnt go to a foster home. She wasnt even thinking about her child atr the moment and thats sad..smh.. Woman like her should be glad that her child was getting something for her bday but instead her jealousy took over.. If he cant get custody of the child then maybe one of his relatives should get her. If I were her family, I would make sure that Kenya gets what she deserves… I would also see to it that I get answers from the child’s dad..

  9. My prayers go out to Sienna’s family. Its a shame that jealousy is so powerful that it can make someone act like a demon in disguise. I hope and pray that whatever the judge gives them, it teaches them a lesson that no matter how you feel about a person, you cant go around killing them just b/c your ex isnt out of your system. I am so glad that God is a part of my life. I couldnt even see myself doing any harm to no one. If someone wanted to give my kids gifts, that will be a blessing but this lady didnt see it that way. All she saw was a female delivering gifts and thought that Sienna was being messy about it.. I am sad for Sienna family. Just by reading and looking at the news, I feel as if Sienna was related to me. idk what I would do if Sienna was my family.

  10. Yes she should get punished for what she did, but who are we to judge where she shoul spend eternity….Somethings we shouldn’t allow to come ou of our mouths!

  11. Okay first of all..unless you are in the movie “The Matrix”…nobody jumps off a balcony to get away from anything! The story is absolutely ludicrous and to think that the police slightly believe this is INSANE! Lock up the animal that PUSHED this beautiful young girl. Its terrible what goes on in this world today. Just doing someone a favor and you end up losing your life. That disgusting person will most definitely pay for what she did. May God be with Sienna Edwards and her family.

  12. This is just horrible,My condolences to Sienna Edwards Family/Friends…..As for Kenya Edmonds, you’re just a poor excuse for a daughter,sister, mother and most importantly a human being. You reap what you sow!!!! R.I.P ( Rest In Paradise) Sienna….Angel!!!!!!

  13. The child’s mother had a protection order against the child’s father. The gift was from the father, but since he was not allowed to be around them he had Sienna deliver the gift to his child.

  14. My condolences goes out to the family and the boyfriend. This is so sad to me!! That girl was jealous thinking that Sienna was her baby daddys new boo, and they tried to hurt that gurl and ended up killing her!!! So sad i hope and pray they dont let none of them walk away, not nobody that was in that apartment!!!! And if the baby dad knew how the baby mama was, jealous or whatever he should’ve let his mama or somebody else took the gift….smdh repeatedly!!!! R.I.P. SIENNA, from Sierra all the way N Memphis!!!<3

  15. So is she the only one being charged? If so why? The recording heated multiple voices in the background. No one try to stop this? Everyone in that apt should be charged. They all had a hand in the tragedy.

  16. This break my heart so much. This is so sad u can’t move or go anywhere with out some evil crap going on. No one has the right to take ppl lives steal and destroy. This is Gods world only he says when ur suppose to leave and in the bible ur promised 70 years and plus many more if u live it right. But ppl dnt believe in God they believe in doing their own thing which leave their spirts and souls open for the devil to use ur body for evil.

  17. I hope they fight for justice for her as much as they are for trayvon. Just bc she was killed by someone whos bkack & trayvons killer was half white doesnt mean her justice is less important ….no one seems to.be as outraged but yet she was killed by a GROUP of people no one fought for her who was there so they could all be locked up! Imagine if it would of been the same story but the people there were white. A person being wrongfully killed shouldnt be more or less important based on the race of the killer. Its sad its like that. Ill be praying for her justice! Rip Sienna! 🙁

  18. This Really Angered Me ! Why Must People Lose They Lives For Non Sense ! Now There Is A 3 Yr Old With Out A Mother And A Mother With Out A 20 Yr Old Daughter ! People Should Really Think Before Acting ! Especially When Your A Mother U Should Always Realize That Everything U Do Is Going To Reflect On Your Child ! Shakin My Head #REST IN PEACE SIENNA

  19. I know dats right not only dat but Sienna could’ve possibly had a lil gurl of her own in da future now there could’ve been a future daughter dat wont be able to be blessed to know dis beautiful kind hearted gurl as her mother sorry jus thinkin of da blessings dat God could’ve had for Sienna if it won’t for people dat jus ain’t got common sense dat its wrong to take someones life n dis lil three year olds birthday wuz ruined n now she is gonna grow.up wit out a mother n will sooner or later in life find out her mother is a murderer God please be wit Sienna n her family

  20. RIP Sienna and my prayers are with family, friends, and community. Remember: Sienna’s death is not less significant but her attackers are at least being charged while Trayvon’s attacker is free to walk beside us. This is not the forum for Trayvon it is for Sienna, important to stay on subject because ppl tend to forget what they are to be discussing.

  21. I agree, everyone in the APT. should be charged. I don’t believe this child willingly went to a small balcony where three girls were threatening her. That logically, doesn’t make sense!!!

  22. Yes my thoughts to, everyone that was inside that apt should be held a countable… they all was grown and should have known very clearly right from wrong so my thing is yeah they all should be held, for what happen to that young girl nobody haves a right to take no ones life…my heart goes out to her and her family….my she S.I.P…..Only God knows best!

  23. Tell me how this is different than Trayvon Martin’s death? Are you people going to rally for Sienna Edwards? Here is a collection of crazed, rabid twtiches who become enraged and chase a woman to her death.

    Were these crazed black twitches standing their ground against gift wrapping paper and the hospitable act of a young woman trying to complete a kind act?!?!? Why did they not have more control than to act this way? Poor impulse control? Adhd, bipolar types or something like that?

    And why did the dude have a restraining on order on him? A prior act of violence or a set up by the crazed female he poked? It is apparent to me that she needed that restraining order.

    WTH is really going on here? Enough is enough!!!!

    These rabid twitches are poor excuses for humans, who’d raise their children to be the exact same kind of crazed individuals. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT BLACK ON BLACK VIOLENCE. IT IS VERY REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This really is some bull! May all involved receive their just rewards 10 fold. No good, female excrement!


  25. I’m so sorry for your lost it was a terrible thing that should not have happened. Justice will prevail

  26. Right i dnt believe she jump off nor to another balcony. I really think they killed her. May sienna edwards rest in paridise

  27. I couldn’t have worded it better myself! I know it took alot to not use profanity becuase I sure wanted to! This situation is truely an OUTRAGE! It made me say “ARE YOU SERIOUS”!!! I have a daughter with a kind heart that would do this thinking that she was simply doing a good thing, for a child on their birthday & I would be the parent on the news maing sure my child’s story was heard! ***TRAGIC***

  28. It is different from Treyvon’s case in that the people/person involved are/is arrested and will be brought to justice. Stick to the subject at hand. RIP Sienna.

  29. I have to agree.. it says something about an incident involving all blacks that this was a one day story!!! Multiple people involved in a purely uninvolved party being threatened to her death and you’d think we would have seen one or two more stories on this at LEAST!! watch.. you won’t hear a word about it until the trial and then maybe one minor mention on the sentencing. To the news media and society… this story is like watching a group of bugs eat each other. Has nothing to do with the real world and real lives.. they’re all just crammed into concrete boxes up in the bronx or manhattan and other than that so what!!

    it’s just disgusting… what kind of woman is pulling knives on people at a birthday party? what kind of friends don’t STOP her even if she IS that horrible a person… was it an apartment or a beehive??? another day in the ghetto matriarchy!

  30. While my heart goes out to ms edwards family for their loss, but there is more to this than the public knows. I personally feel you are innocent till proven guilty . why put yourself in the middle of what you call “baby mama drama. that doesn’t make sense. think about. don’t judge a book by its cover, there is more to this than what the media is reporting.

  31. I also understand that the boyfriend of ms edwards jump out of an 8th floor apartment window just a few weeks before all this happen. how do the public know he didn’t tell her to try to jump from one balcony to the other since it has been reported that she made a phone call to him before she jumped. all this don’t make any sense.

  32. Judge ye that you be judged also is in the bible. get all the facts correct before you make snap judgement calls, and people are innocent till proven guilty in a court of law. i don’t believe any of you people with all you comments was there. and i wil say one more time, ” there is more to this story than what the media is reporting.” so we all should stop making snap judgement,especially when we don’t have all the facts.

  33. @Bernice Mcclain the facts remain that no matter what transpired n that apt on that day that woman should have left the apt the same way she arrived & that was via an elevator/stairwell I was all the way n NC when this happened but I can put $$ on it that she didnt go up the way she came down PERIOD. MY CONDOLENCES & PRAYERS TO HER LOVE 1z………..

  34. @A stranger too though they are 2 different cases I totally agree with A stranger the story does deserve as much airtime & n my opinion 1 senseless murder is definitely equal 2 another senseless murder. God bless her soul Sienna’s parents will weep & moan 4ever as will Trayvon’s parents until u have lost a child u could never understand how her parents feel.

  35. You can not say that. You was not there. Who was in the apartment. Where is the asshole that sent her their. You must be related to the boy.

  36. The only thing i don’t understand is people keep saying we don’t know the full story but its pretty much common sense Sienna went to drop off a gift for the child…. If you don’t know this woman why is she in your home? And Edmonds family has a letter out saying its the child’s fathers fault he was treating her with girlfriends to beat Edmonds up and he was abusive and she was protecting her self…!?? From what a present? You were in a house with two other women and it was only Sienna who came to Edmonds door. For everyone making excuses just use your own common sense for a minute if an unknown woman/man is at your door o you let them in? Sienna called 911 before Edmonds did and the police heard them threaten her so the fact are simple people these days will take a life like they change underwear and think nothing of it and its truly sad not only will Siena’s family miss her…. Edmonds daughter has to grow up without a mother and an aunt and a father who supposedly is abusive. But at the end of the day my opinion is a grain of sand on beach

  37. Just heard about this story and it hurt my heart!!!! And for @Bernice McClain to take up for Edmonds so strongly they must be family!!!! But right is right and wrong is wrong! I have a female cousin locked up for being driving a vehicle and taking a guy to a place where her boyfriend killed the guy and she deserves to be in jail for that! Family or not!!!
    It was 3 on 1 in this case!!! There is NO WAY Edmonds felt threatened!!!! And if she did then they could have easily beat her up and pushed her out the “door” not balcony!! Why would Edwards go to a balcony?? So what if her boyfriend jumped off the 8th floor..that’s him! Still doesn’t explain the fact that they said out their own mouth that she wasn’t leaving alive!!! I hope the police investigates really well and give her ass the death penalty!!!! And for the record..the other 2 girls are going to be facing time as well and are going to come clean about the entire story sooner than later! Believe that!!!! She doesn’t know how to control her anger!!! Was it really that serious? And as for the baby’s father..he isn’t guilty of nothing!!!! I would’ve done more than punch her in her face!!!! I would’ve beat her ass!!!! He isn’t guilty at all in my eyes in this situation!

  38. That’s what I’m saying. But then when you think about it. The baby mom would have thought it was the new girl friend. Why didnt they send timothy?

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