February 28, 2021

Sonja Johnson- Former Navy SEAL Glen A. Doherty’s Ex-wife (PHOTO)

The name of the third American killed by Libyan protesters inside the US consulate in Benghazi has been identified as that of Glen A. Doherty. He was killed along US Ambassador Chris Stevens and Foreign Service information management officer Sean Smith. Mr. Doherty is survived by his family and ex-wife Sonja Johnson.

Glen Doherty Navy SEAL Libya attack victim

42-year-old Glen A. Doherty was born in July 10th, 1970 to Barbara Doherty, 78. and Bernard Doherty. Glen had two siblings, his sister 39-year-old Kathleen Doherty now known as Kate Quigley and his brother Greg. Glen graduated from Winchester High School in 1998, From 1988 to 2006 he studied aviation safety and Aeronautics at Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University- Prescott in Prescott, AZ. He was also a certified paramedic.

Glen Doherty Navy SEAL Libya attack victimGlen A Dohert libya attacks navy seal

Glen Doherty’s bio from MRFF..

After separating from the Navy in 2005 Glen spent four years working as a security and intelligence specialist for US Government Agencies conducting operations in high threat regions to include Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. While in the Navy he attended the 18 Delta Special Forces Combat Medical School, the SEAL sniper course, and is an expert in SEAL combat tactics.

He has extensive experience teaching and training operators around the world in a broad range of disciplines.  An accomplished pilot, Glen has his multi-engine, commercial, and instrument flight ratings and is also a Nationally Certified Paramedic.  He holds a BS in Professional Aeronautics from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with a minor in Aviation Safety.

Glen A Doherty libya attacks navy seal photoGlen A Doherty libya attacks navy seal photosGlen A Doherty libya attacks navy seal picGlen A Doherty libya attacks navy seal pics

Glen was also a training coach at SEALFIT founded by fellow former US Navy SEAL Mark Divine. In his bio at SF he is described as a former avid triathlete competed at the Ironman Canada in 2004, book author of his book “The 21st Century Sniper” with Brandon Webb. He was currently in Libya working as a private security contractor for the government, where he was killed on September 11, 2012.

Glen was married for five years to Sonja Johnson, they met since they went to Winchester High, described her ex- husband between tears as a brave man, the best of the best.

“It’s hard to get your head around. We just never thought this would happen to Glen. He was the best, he was the smartest, and it’s very tragic. We all have personal stories, whether it was the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. It really hits home. It really puts a face on the terrible things that are happening in the world today.”“Anyone you speak to will just think of him in the highest regard,” Johnson added. “People loved him, people still love him. They always will.”

40-year-old Sonja J. Johnson from Winchester, Massachusetts was born in June 1st, 1973 She is the owner and partner at Kevco Group, and University of Vermont graduate with a BS in Education (1994). She lived in Coronado, CA until 2001, then moved to Winchester and ultimately in moved to San Diego.

Sonja Johnson Glen A. Doherty girlfriend photoSonja Johnson Glen Doherty girlfriendSonja Johnson Glen A. Doherty ex wife photo

From 2004 until February, 2008 Sonja was a buyer at Nitro Multisports, after that she served as a G Series Pro Independent Sales rep for Gatorade. Around 2008 she became Zoot Sports Territory Manager in the Southwest region for K2 Sports, plus she is a Territory Manager at Zipp Speed Weaponry and SRAM Corporation. Sonja Johnson an avid cyclist, got married last year to her husband Blaize Baehrens  a mechanical engineer from Boston University who works as a professional Bike technician at Ride Cyclery.

Sonja Johnson husband Blaize BaehrensSonja Johnson husband Blaize Baehrens wedding

You can find Sonja Johnson on Twitter here .

Sonja Johnson Glen A. Doherty ex wife photosSonja Johnson Glen A. Doherty ex wife picsSonja Johnson Glen A. Doherty ex wife picSonja Johnson Glen Doherty ex wife (1)Sonja Johnson Glen Doherty ex wife (2)

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  1. To Glenn Doherty’s family: our hearts go to you during this tragic time. We, in Encinitas, CA pray that truth will prevail and you will be able to put this tragic loss to rest. Your son along with Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith will not be forgotten along with Ambassador Stephens. They are heroes and we will not forget the in our life time.

    May the Lord, God bless you with comfort and surround you with love..

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