February 28, 2021

Teressa Stann is UFC Brian Stann’s Wife

Check MMA Brian Stann’s stunning wife, her name is Teressa Stann and we have quite a few interesting things to share with you about her, plus don’t miss Mrs. Stann’s pics and video after the jump.

Teressa Stann MMA Brian Stann wife

I found that 31-year-old Bran Stann’s story is quite admirable, he is an American Mixed Martial Arts fighter, born at the Yokota Air Force Base in Japan. He was just a two year-old boy when his father abandoned him, his mother Elizabeth Cieless and sister.

Mrs. Cieless moved her children children back home to Scranton, Pa where she saw her son grew up and turned into the amazing man he is today, but not so fast let me tell you a little bit about Brian’s life.

He studied at Scranton Preparatory School, he  became gifted football player, as a matter of fact has been playing since the age of 9 played in the linebacker position and continued to play thru high school, after his graduation in 1999, he attended the United States Naval Academy where he majored in economics and continued to play football (Division I football).

In 2003 he began his training to become an infantry officer in VA where he would also learned martial arts. During Cap five years with the Marines Captain Stann.

He was awarded with the Silver Start from his impressive work at Operation Matador, his first deployment to the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines in May, 2005 to Al Anbar, Stann was Lieutenant at the time.

”Second Lieutenant Stann personally directed two casualty operations, three vehicle recovery operations and multiple close air support missions under enemy small arms, machine gun and mortar fire in his 360-degree fight.”

Captain Stann left the Marines in May, 2008, two years eelier he was fighting with the WEC, it was until UFC 97 that he made his debut with the big guys, sadly he loss to Krzysztof Soszynski, his win victory came against Steve Cantwell during UFC Fight Night 19.

As for his personal life we can tell you that this 6’1 fighter has been happily married to his wife of nearly 6 years Teressa Stann, mother of his two adorable girls 4-year-old Alexandra and 2-year-old DeAnna. they reside in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Need to know more about Brian Stann’s wife Teressa?  Check her out here. And certainly don’t miss her at UFC 152.

Brian Stann wife Teressa Stann picBrian Stann daughtersTeressa Stann Brian Stann WifeTeressa Stann Brian Stann Wife pic

Teressa Stann Video
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