January 27, 2021

Vanessa Macias, Tim Duncan’s Girlfriend, Is Her Own Person In Spite Of High Profile Romance!

Vanessa Macias,34, Tim Duncan’s girlfriend, has some pretty impressive accomplishments of her own, in spite of her high profile romance with basket baller Tim Duncan. The Texas native took to entertainment at a very young age, when she would strive to be the center of attention. Macias has a degree in journalism for the University of North Texas. Vanessa has some reporting jobs covering local news when she graduated from high school and during her college years.Tim-Duncan-girlfriend-Vanessa-Macias_thumb

Her first job out of college was a reporting job with a travel show called ‘Show Me Texas’. She also did some morning TV shows, primarily with CBS. She was also the host of Texas based travel show, “Vamos”. She currently is the announcer for the San Antonio Missions Baseball team. She also became more known on a national level when she was a contestant traveling the world on ‘The Amazing Race. Macias has been a longtime fan of the San Antonio Spurs prior to her relationship with Tim Duncan. She seems very passionate about her loyalty to the team. She is equally passionate about calling out bad inappropriate behavior by unruly fans.

During a game where many fans left the stadium in game three. Many fans were seen leaving when the score was 105 to 90 and three minutes left in the game. Vanessa was at the game wasn’t going to let the fans who left early go unnoticed. She posted both a video and a picture of the crowd to put the fans that left on blast. She accompanied the pictures with her brand of sarcasm , “Miami fans so loyal, beat the traffic” she wrote. Tim Duncan easily gets overshadowed by his ┬ápopular outgoing girlfriend.

In a post interview Duncan discussed his number 5 win, he said it was unbelievable feeling. He also talked to Dave Letterman after his fifth win. He said he felt the last time around he felt he could at least do one more year and be effective. He said he sees David Robinson quite frequently. Asked what he would like to do if he doesn’t play anymore. He said he wasn’t sure, he’s thinking about coaching, but he’s not sure. He said he loves cars, and may want to be around cars post basketball. Duncan said of the travel, the schedule is a grind, but it’s something you get used to. Duncan and Macias have been an item for almost three years now. She first linked to Duncan when she was spotted sitting court side as several Spurs games. She confirmed shortly after she was asked, that she was indeed dating Duncan. She has been very guarded about the relationship, saying “I respect Tim’s request for privacy.” This isn’t the first time that Macias has found herself in the spotlight due to a romance. When she appeared on the Amazing Race in 2012 she appeared on the sow with her ex boyfriend Ralph Kelly, she finished the show in 4th place, which was a respectable showing. She has been the first girlfriend of Duncan’s since the basketball players bitter divorce from wife Amy Duncan.

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