March 5, 2021

Tala Alamuddin George Clooney’s New Sister-In-Law Stunning Too!

All eyes were on George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin this weekend in Italy as the two exchanged vows in Italy. However many observers couldn’t help noticing Amal’s sister, Tala Alamuddin who is quite the stunner herself.Tala Alamuddin George Clooney's New Sister-In-Law Stunning Too!

She was seen in many pictures helping her sister get ready for the big event. She lives in Singapore now, but prior to that she was living in New York City for a very long time. She graduated from Richmond University in 1996. She married Nagi Hamiyeh a business professional based in Singapore, so Tala relocated shortly after they married. She has a 12-year old daughter named Mia, who was George and Amal’s flower girl. She also assisted her aunt with her wedding gown train. It was too heavy for her to handle on her own, so her mother Tala helped her daughter. There are some reports that now Tala is engaged to someone else and not with Hamiyeh anymore. She lists her occupation as events planner and branding specialist on Linkined account. She is also stunning liker her lawyer sister with her long black hair and almond shaped eyes. She wore a beautiful blue dress to the wedding.

Small amounts of information are coming in about Amal and her family and when and how she and Clooney became involved and or acquainted with one another. George Clooney and his last high profile girlfriend was Stacy Keibler. The two were dating for two years and had called it quits in July of 2013 or a few weeks before that. She reportedly told friends and family that the reason for their split was Clooney’s reluctance to commit to marriage and children. Only eight months later Keibler married entrepreneur Jared Pobre in March of 2014. They had a daughter Ava in August. So she was about 3 months pregnant when she married Pobre. So when did she meet him? It had to be only a few months or soon after calling it quits with Clooney. The circulating stories are that Clooney and Alamuddin first started dating in October 2013, but some eyebrows are being raised to the timeline of events and even more so to the marriage in general. Clooney has been a well known confirmed bachlor since his divorce from his first wife actress Talia Balsam in 1993. So for almost 20 years Clooney has been single with no children. Balsam the daughter of the late Acadmey Award winning actor Martin Balsam, were only married for four short years. She was more famous than him when they first met. Talia Balsam has refused to discuss her short marriage to Clooney. She remarried actor John Slattery in 1998, they are still happily married and have a son, Harry. She only would say once “George is not who many think he is”, which set the tongues wagging that perhaps Clooney is gay. There have been gay rumors circulating around Hollywood for decades about Clooney. Many are now speculating that the marriage between Clooney and Alamuddin was for politcial gain, and the two will never even live together. Time will certainly tell as many in the world will be watching……

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