February 26, 2021

Taylor Hubbell is Heather Morris’s Boyfriend and Baby Daddy(pictures, wiki)

Meet Taylor Hubbell now. Taylor Hubbell is the boyfriend of Heather Morris, the 26 year old Glee star is pregnant. Heather shocked everyone when she revealed that she was expecting her first child. However, more shocking was the name of the father of her child to be. He happens to be her high school sweetheart Tony Hubbell, who himself looks like a baby. So the world now knows that Brittany’s baby daddy is Tony Hubbell. Brittany is the name of the cheerleader character that Heather plays in Glee. So Heather will raise the baby who is yet to arrive along with her cute boyfriend Hubbell.

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Heather, who was once a back dancer in Beyonce group had revealed that her friend was moving in with her in the TV show late Night with David Letterman in early last year. In fact, it was way back in January 2011 that Morris had confessed about her love in an interview to Fitness magazine. Even at that time she had made it clear that all that she cared about was her relationship with her boyfriend and that she badly wanted to marry her boyfriend Taylor and have his kids. Heather made it clear that though she loves acting, she would not think for a moment before deciding to leave acting if it affected her relationship with her boyfriend Taylor Hubbell.

Taylor has nothing to do with Hollywood

The couple is obviously very excited about the baby to be, but it is time to first meet the baby daddy. Yes, the title really suits Taylor Hubbell, who looks like the sweet teenage boy next door. Taylor has nothing to do with Hollywood, and is certainly not a celebrity. However, he has been there, supporting his beloved during red carpets held for Glee. In fact, the baby father was also there with Heather during the premier of Spring Breakers.

heather-morris-baby-daddy-leadTaylor is a baseball player. He has played for a team at the University of Louisiana at the level of NCAA. The pair met for the first time when the two of them were at a High School in the city of Scottsdale. Both admit that it was love at first sight for them and two have been going strong and steady till date. This is really something considering the fact that heather as been working in a rather demanding acting industry and his profession has led the two to live far away in remote parts of the country for a long time.

Finally the pair is together

However, the separation period of the couple ended in 2012 when Taylor decided to live with Heather. After graduatingheather-morris-baby father1taylor hubbell3(Taylor Hubbell pictures) from his college, he has come to stay with his beloved in Los Angeles in her home. Given the strong and passionate feelings of love Heather has for her boyfriend, it should not take the couple too long before they wed each other.

Our best wishes are with this good looking couple that is madly in love with each other and expecting their first baby soon.