September 22, 2020

Alexia Echevarria is Real Housewives of Miami Cuban Barbie

Alexia Echevarria the stunning blond tv personality at the Real Housewives of Miami is one of  the cast hottest ladies at Bravo;’s Real Housewives of Miami,


Part Cuban Alexia Echevarria is also known as the Cuban Barbie her log blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes has driven men wild over the television show first season as she informed she will continue to do so during the show’s second season.


Alexia divides her time between been a  wife, mother, a Housewife at Bravo and an business woman, Mrs.Echevarria is the executive producer at Venue Magazine. Her husband is Herman Echevarria they live in their beautiful home in Miami with their children Herman has two children from a previous and Alexia is the proud mama of 17 year-old Peter who happens to be an actor and model and 13 year-old Frankie who recently was involved in a car accident that required a hip surgery. Alexia went to her twitter and keep her followers about Frankie’s condition and thanked them for their prayers and support.

On October 5, 2012, Alexia’s eldest son Peter Rosello after a YouTube video showed him punching 62-year-old Gary Lee Brown a homeless man for no reason at all.

Don’t miss Alexia Echevarria on Bravo The Real Housewives of Miami’s season 2 where she will be joined by her other housewives girls Marysol Patton, Adriana De Moura Sidi, Lee Black and for the moment if seemed that Scottie Pippen’s wife Larsa Pippen won’t be back!alexia echevarria real-housewives-miami-23Alexia_EchevarriaAlexia_echevarria_housewife_miamiAlexia_Echevarria_real-housewives-miamiAlexia_Echevarria-picAlexia_Echevarria_pictureAlexia_Echevarria-picsAlexia_Echevarria-photoAlexia_Echevarria-pictureAlexia_Echevarria-picturesAlexia-echevarria-housewife_miamiAlexia EchevarriaAlexia-echevarria-housewife-miamiAlexia-echevarria-housewife-miami-photoAlexia-echevarria-housewife-miami-photosAlexia-echevarria-housewife-miami-picAlexia-echevarria-housewife-miami-pictureAlexia-echevarria-housewife-miami-picturesAlexia-echevarria-housewife-miami-son-frankie-rosello-pictureAlexia-echevarria-housewife-miami-son-peter-roselloAlexia-echevarria-housewife-miami-husband-herman-echevarriaAlexia-echevarria-housewife-miami-son-peter-rosello-picAlexia-echevarria-housewife-miami-son-peter-rosello-pictureAlexia-echevarria-housewife-miami-sons-huband-stepchildrenAlexia-Echevarria-sons-frankie-peter

Alexia’s Son Peter punching a Homeless person Video

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