January 23, 2021

Tianjin Explosions Truth Revealed, More than 230 Firefighters Killed!

Hi my name is F. Lee from Tianjin, China. I have been investigating the Tianjin explosions because my best friend’s little brother died during the explosion. Frankly it’s very hard investigating this explosion due to some reasons. Sorry my English is not good but I just want o reveal the truth and I don’t want fame or anything. Officials from the Chinese city of Tianjin said two huge blasts killed 50 people, but this is not real.

tianjin explosion

Here are the truths revealed by the insiders.

  • Right after the first explosion, 9 fire brigades (about 40 people for each brigade) were sent to that port and at least 230 firefighters have died during the second explosion happened later. I mean all of those firefighters died. All of those young boys no more than 25 years old! Then the Officials held a meeting asked all of the rest firefighters in China must not reveal anything about the deaths. There’s still not known how many people dead during this accident.

tianjin explosion 2

  • The nearest residential area is just about 600 or 700 meter far. About 5600 people living in it. It’s still not known how many people died there.
  • A 5-story building where the explosion affected collapsed.
  • There is a CNN report released and the title is “Emotions run high at Chinese hospital after blasts”. The truth behind this is this US reporter tried to throw back the white sheet covered on one dead firefighter and it sparked the public anger previously.

May the souls of all the dead rest in peace…


Submitted F. Lee on 13rd, Aug, 2015

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