January 16, 2021

Tonee Walker Is the Buxom Bandit (PHOTOS)

Meet Tonee Walker, also known as the buxom bandit whose identity was finally revealed today, she became an internet sensation when a CCTV video showed her stealing cash at a gas station in Queensland without any mask to cover her face of her  breasts

Buxom bandit tonee walker

Last week a video capture by  a CCTV on Queensland’s Gold Coast showed Tonee Walker  and  her sexy cleavage, while wielding a knife and allegedly robbing a gas station, certainly she made  many stupid mistakes while the famous robbery where she walked out with $360. Along Tonee was Alexander Joshua Spinks who was her getaway driver seen in the video filling his car’s tank, like Tonee he has turned himself in to police.

First of all she didn’t even try to hide her face wore a hat but it didn’t  cover her face at all , plus wore a glove on knife-wielding hand, using her bare hand to grab the money and potentially leaving fingerprints elsewhere in the store. She was on the run for five days before she decided to turned herself, 22 –year-old Tonee appeared in Southport Court, on the Gold Coast today with no chance to get out, she was denied bail because she was on probation for drug offences and her ‘erratic and violent’ criminal behavior appeared to be escalating, it is probably she was under the influence of both when she committed the robbery.

According to Ms. Walker’s lawyer, his client comes from a respectable family, she will be in court again on August 20.

Tonee Walker aka Buxom badit’s Facebook is here. Tonee went to Upper Coomera State College (2004-06).

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