December 3, 2020

VIDEO- Dr. Adam Levinson- Mount Sinai Urologist (PHOTO)

Check out Dr. Adam Levinson, he was an urologist at Mount Sinai, but he is also the creek who  a pen camera to peek up a woman’s skirt at a train. Shame on you Dr. Levinson.

Dr. Adam Levinson urologist pic

It was about 5:00 p.m on Tuesday at Union Square subway station where 39-year-old Adam Levinson a n assistant professor at Mount Sinai hospital was seen  clipping a pen camera to his folded newspaper so he could  look to a woman’s panties wearing a knee high skirt who was completely unaware what the shame doctor was about to add her intimates to his up-skirt video collection while she was reading her Kindle on the train at E. 59th St.

But someone was peeking at Dr. Levinson while he was on the act and he call on the cps who arrested Levinson and looked over his videos.

“He’s leaning on the pole right next to the door. He has a paper in his hand. But what’s mysterious about it, there’s a pen attached to the paper. . . . He has it down in a very unsuspicious way. But every time the woman would move, he would move.”

“He walks directly behind her with the same paper and camera all the way up the stairs,”

When police approached Dr. Levinson  they notice the pen on his paper was actually a video camera, a search warrant granted them to look over  his other up-skirt videos. he was charged with a felony, arrested but freed after paying a $15.000 bond, however the hospital have suspended him and he will be back in court on October 15.

Dr. Adam William Levinson was until Tuesday working in the Division of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery, at the Department of Urology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. Studied at the University of California at Berkeley where he received his bachelor’s degree, Dr. Levinson got his master’s degree at Georgetown University, and Medical Degree from New York Medical College.

Then went to Columbia University and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine where he studied the Minimally Invasive Oncology , robotics and laparoscopy to urology.

Levinson  is board-certified by the American Board of Urology.was a member of the American Urological Association, Royal Society of Medicine in the UK, American Medical Association and Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society.

If that was not enough he was awarded with the Patient’s Choice Award twice in 2010 and 2011.

Dr. Adam Levinson urologist mugshotDr. Adam Levinson urologist pen cam pictureDr. Adam Levinson urologist pen cam pic

Dr. Adam Levinson Arrest Video

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