October 26, 2020

VIDEO: Randy Phillips- U.S. Soldier Tells Dad he is Gay

This video featuring U.S. soldier Randy Phillips calling his dad in Alabama to tell him he is gay, has become the viral  video of the day on YouTube with more than a million of views, Have a look!


21 year-old Randy Phillips an U.S. soldier based in Ramstein Air Base in Germany sat in front of his camera with a cell phone on his hand and got ready to come out of the closet, not just in front of over 1.5 million of viewers already but to his father and the rest of his family in Alabama who  had zero idea he is actually Gay!

Airman first class Randy uploaded several videos on YouTube under the username Are You Surprise that has 16.065 subscribers, until today he never showed his face, his other videos are Coming out to everyone  as a military, Busted? Don’t ask Don’t tell training gay military, Forget You- Military Cover, to name a few.

Then comes his twitter under the same name with over 3.000 followers where he wrote his bio..

Military member in the closet, using social media to build up the courage to come out to family, girlfriend, friends, and coworkers. I am tired of hiding this.

ABC talked to Randy’s dad, he wasn’t thrilled about Randy uploading this video on YouTube but he added that he love his son, just one question on Randy’s bio he mentioned a girlfriend right? How is she handling this? poor girl!


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