March 4, 2021

VIDEO: Zina Daniel Haughton is Wisconsin Shooter Radcliffe Haughton’s Wife (PHOTOS)

Radcliffe Haughton was the name of the man identified as that who opened fire at a Wisconsin Spa where he stranded wife Zina Daniel Haughton worked. Three people died including Radcliffe four more were injured.

45-year-old Radcliffe Franklyn  Haughton was born December 17, 1966 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was found dead inside the Azana Salon and Spa in Brookfield, Wisconsin where his estranged wife Zina Daniel Haughton believe to be an employee at the salon was at, it is unknown if Zina Haughton was among the three people dead from the shooting where four more were injured, all four were rushed to Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital none in critical condition.

Days before the attack, on October 4,  Zina Haughton’s husband slashed all of  her tires at the saloon, she filed a restraining order against him on October 8th. The on Thursday at the hearing Radcliffe was ordered to stay away from wife Zina and her house for the next four years, in addition he must delivered all of his firearms, however there is no court record is Haughton gave his guns or didn’t.

That was not his first encounter with the law, early this year he was charged with disorderly conduct, but 5 months later when a key witness failed to show in court the charges were dropped.

Radcliffe Haughton Google+ profile is here, Zina Haughton’s Google+ here.

42-year-old Zina V. Daniel Haughton born April 22, 1970; probably her parents are 78-year-old Alfred and 77-year-old Agnes Daniel from Johnsburgh, IL. Zina has a state license as a cosmetology manager, describes her work as a barber/ cosmetologist. Zina has has minor encounters with the law in 2009 for speeding in a 55mph, improper parking and operate after  rev/susp of registration  in 2010


Zina Haughton has two daughters her eldest Yasmeen Daniel who like her mom works at Azana Salon and Spa as a cleaner the youngest is 12-year-old Tatiana Haughton a student at Brown Deer Middle School.

Zina Haughton is remember by her clients as a sweet, kind and wonderful  person and talented stylist, they all are in shock to hear what happened to their dear Zina.

“She was a wonderful mom. She had two daughters who were the foundation of her family. She was their everything. She worked so many hours every week to provide for them and take them on nice trips,”

“She never talked negatively about her husband,” said Sarah Justin, a customer of Zina Haughton for six years. “She did say she was exhausted because she was working so many hours because this had been going on for years — he was in school and she was supporting the family.”

“She was a warm and loving person. She remembered all my kids’ names, she would always ask how your kids are doing and she’d ask about my mom and dad. I’m really shocked by this,” said Justin who chose Zina Haughton to style her hair on her wedding day. “That upsets me in a way because something must have been going on. To think she was holding herself together.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Zina Haughton’s family as well as to the family who loss their loved ones in this massacre.

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Zina Daniel Haughton is Wisconsin Shooter Radcliffe Haughton’s Wife (PHOTOS)

  1. The reason these women are being killed by husbands and boyfriends after complaints have been lodged with the police, restraining orders have been issued by courts, and so on, is that the threats have not been made toward government officials, but toward a citizen who has been left defenseless. Where is the serve and protect?

    Think about what would have happened if the threats had been made toward police, or a judge, or the president.

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