March 1, 2021

Vincent Mazeau is J. Crew president and creative director Jenna Lyons Husband

We are all so familiar with J Crew’s president and creative director Jenna Lyons but what about her husband Vincent Mazeau, father of her son and soon to be ex hubby, as Lyons filed for divorced to be with  her lesbian lover? Check this out!!

Vincent_ Mazeau_Jenna_Lyons_son_Beckett

So to sum the life and lustrous career of Jenna Lyons we can tell you that this 42 year-old business woman is described as one of the most successful and well paid women in the industry, she arrived at J. Crew on 1990 as an assistant designer, four years later she was named designer the following year design director until 1999 when she became J. Crew’s Senior Design Director and Vice- president of Women’s design, a role that she perfectly did until 2007 when she became Creative Director and Executive Creative Director last year.

Jenna married her husband 45 year-old artist Vincent Mazeau on 2002, they welcomed their beautiful son Beckett five years ago. The family lived at their beautiful Park Slope brownstone which has been featured in prestigious magazines such as  Livingetc and Domino.

Vincent Mazeau went to Tooker Avenue Elementary School at West Babylon, New York; on 1976 e was enrolled at West Babylon High School graduating on 1983, he then went to C.W. Post College of Long Island University in Brookville in Nassau County, NY. Ten years later he went to Yale University graduating in 1995.

This day we heard about Vincent and Jenna’s divorce, the reason she felt in love with a woman whose identity hasn’t been revealed but it has been said she works in fashion, as for their settlement it was reported they reach a custody agreement of their son, Mr. Mazeau want to keep the house plus he asked for some monetary agreement, why? because he said he put his artistic career on hold so that Lyons could develop, but sources said  the opposite she bought him a studio, supported him economically and basically he could do nothing because her salary allowed him to do so. The NY post reported Jenna already moved in with her girlfriend.

Vincent_ Mazeau_Jenna_Lyons_husband_photoVincent_ Mazeau_Jenna_Lyons_husband_photosVincent_ Mazeau_Jenna_Lyons_husband-picturesVincent_ Mazeau_Jenna_Lyons_husband_picVincent_ Mazeau_Jenna_Lyons_husband_pictureVincent_ Mazeau_Jenna_Lyons_husband_imageVincent_ Mazeau_Jenna_Lyons_husband_picturesVincent_ Mazeau_Jenna_Lyons_son_Beckett_pictureVincent_ Mazeau_Jenna_Lyons_son_Beckett_imageVincent_ Mazeau_Jenna_Lyons_son_Beckett_photoVincent_ Mazeau_Jenna_Lyons_son_Beckett_photosVincent_ Mazeau_Jenna_Lyons_husband-imageVincent_ Mazeau_Jenna_Lyons_husband-imagesVincent_ Mazeau_Jenna_Lyons_husband_imagesVincent_ Mazeau_Jenna_Lyons_husband-picsVincent_ Mazeau_Jenna_Lyons_husband

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