October 29, 2020

Wang Lulu is Neil Heywood’s Wife (PHOTO)

Last year Wang Lulu suffered the death of her husband British business man Neil Heywood, believed to have been murdered by Bo Xilai’s wife Gu Kailai and Zhang Xiaojun. Today Wang Lulu Heywood gets her justice as both suspects face trial and sentence.

Neil Heywood wife Wang Lulu

41-year-old Neil Heywood born in Kensington, UK graduated in international relations from the University of Warwick. Mr. Heywood lived several years (since the early 90’s) in China to study Mandarin which he spoke fluently, in Dalian he began teaching English, round that time he met Bo Xilai, it was rumored that Xilai’s wife Gu introduced Neil to his future wife Wang Lulu.

Last November 14, Mr. Heywood was dragged from Beijing to the Nanshan Lijing Holiday Hotel by Zhang Xiaojun so he could meet with Gu Kailai (a month earlier it was reported Gu and Neil got into a business disagreement, and that he had enough evidence to undercover illegal money transfers to her family), it was at that hotel that they got the British man drunk, when he asked for water she pour poison in it killing him moments later, police stated he drank drank himself to death, no autopsy was performed and his body was cremated. Media once reported Wang Lulu met with Gu just days after her husband’s death at a café in their tearful Gu  begged Mrs. Heywood to agree to have Neil’s corpse cremated.

“Police cleared the cafe and stood armed outside the door. Gu wept. Eventually, Wang Lulu agreed they would not do an autopsy and accepted the conclusion that he had died from excessive drinking and to the cremation of the body.”

Today Kailai and her associate Xiaojun admitted poisoning Neil Heywood. She could face the death penalty.

Mr. Heywood’s wife Wang Lulu and some of his closest friends knew since the news of his death, that he was not a heavy drinker and the story about drinking himself to death seemed bogus, Wang was fearful for her and her children’s safety, so on April 13th, 2012 she asked  the British Embassy in Beijing for a visa to the UK to flee from £700,000 house in Beijing, she was afraid the people that killed her husband might come after her and her children, it is believed Gu is the godmother of Mrs and Mr. Heywood’s children.

His husband hoped to get his family out of China ever since his relationship with Bo became estranged, some rumored Heywood fell out for Gu, who they asked him swear allegiance to her family and divorce Wang, but he refused. Mr. Heywood was fearful for his family, but somehow he fail to get Wang a UK passport, the children already have their UK passports, they studied at a international School in Beijing (local branch of Dulwich College), they reside with their mother in a private three lined compound in Beijing.

During the funeral at St Mary’s Church, Battersea, a former classmate of the British businessman told mourners not to approach Lulu Heywood as well as wait until she and her children had left the church to leave the pews.

Wang Lulu Heywood was born in Dalian in the Liaoning province, Northeast China, she got married to Neil Haywood with whom she had two children Olivia, 11, and Peter, 7.

Wang Lulu Heywood neil Heywood wifeWang Lulu Heywood neil Heywood wife pic


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