March 3, 2021

Watch: Aline Skaf is Hannibal Gaddafi’s Model Wife

Meet Aline Skaf she is married to Muammar Gaddafi’s fourth son Hannibal Gaddafi with his second wife Safia Farkash, she also happens to be the mother of his two children and a former fashion model. Check more about her below.

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30 year-old Aline Skaf from Akkard, in the northern region of Lebanon met her 34 year-old husband Hannibal Gaddafi on 2003 in Coppenhagen where he went to college. They allegedly got married on December 12, 2003, Aline is a Christian and didn’t turn to Islam when she got married to Gaddafi, she speaks French and Arabic fluently, Skaf used to live in Paris when she was a model.

Aline was the center of attention back on 2005 when she was 8 months pregnant with her first child and along Hannibal she was staying the Grand Hotel in Paris where she refused to let him inside their room at about 2:00 a.m, it was rumored that he beat her sending her to a hospital were she was treated for bruises.

After that incident we heard about Aline Skaf becoming the mother of her son Hannibal Junior born on March 18th, 2005 in Paris, France. But that was not the last of the trouble we heard about them, On 2008 when she was pregnant with her daughter Aline and her hubby were arrested when they allegedly attacked staff members of the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva where they were staying due to Aline’s planned birth of her baby, the hotel’ staff said Skaf and Gaddafi beat them with hangers and belts.They denied the charges and after an undisclosed source  gave a compensation to the accusers the charges were dropped, but  the incident cause trouble between Switzerland and Libya like denied visas, denied Swiss imports into Libya and stopped oil exports.

Last Christmas’ Eve Aline her husband and two children were staying at the Claridge’s luxury suite in London when all of the sudden a woman’s screams were heard, when officers arrived Gaddafi’s bodyguards were blocking the entry, three of them were arrested, Gaddafi managed to escaped in an embassy car and got diplomatic immunity, Aline however was found with blood on her face she was rushed to the hospital were she was treated with a broken nose. She never said her husband had beaten her but her injuries were purely accidental after she fell down.

On August , 2011 Aline Skaf’s name came around this time it was her former Ethiopian nanny Shweyga Mullah who was found in one of the houses taken by rebels in Tripoli, Libya where she laid in a mattress on  the floor she talked to CNN and told them how Aline poured boiling water on her twice after she denied to beat Skaf’s daughter because she wouldn’t stop crying.

It is believe Aline and her family flew to Algeria with the rest of the Gaddafi clan


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