January 16, 2021

Watch Video: Abbi Bonds- Florida Hit and Run Girl Assaulted by Cop Christopher Geraci (PHOTOS)

Recently a video showing a girl  getting slammed to her car several times by  the police officer who pulled her over after a hit and run incident, that girl is Abbi Bonds and that Florida police officer is Christopher Geraci who has been fired.

Abbi Bonds Christopher Geraci Pensacola Police Officer

29-year-old Abbi Jolanda Bonds from Cantonment, Florida was born on December 10, 1982, she lived in Cantonment from 2007 to 2009. She studied at Pace High School in Pace, Florida. Abbi has one 7-year-old daughter Treasure.

Abbi Bonds photoAbbi Bonds Facebook

In 2006 she was married to 50-year-old Gregory Podojil, owner or Landscape Solution where Abbi was or once was an officer manager, Mr. Podojil was arrested by the Escambia County Sheriff Office in Pensacola on May, 2010 for battery.

Abbi Bonds husband Greg Podojil

Don’t know what happened between them after that, but I do know that Abbi J. Bonds has been arrested three times, counting her latest arrest on August 2nd. You can see Abbi Bonds on Facebook here

On July 1st, 2010 by the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, she was charged with possession of drugs, her bond was $2.000.

Abbi Bond mugshot 2010

Her second arrest  came on January 19th, 2011 by the Santa Rosa County she was charged with one traffic offense charge and cruelty toward a child.

Abbi Bonds mugshot 2011

Her third arrest happened in Pensacola on August 2nd. at about 2:30 a,m when she was driving her Chevy Camaro hitting  several cars, she was charged with one charge on traffic offense and a hit a run charge. Bond was set at $1.000.

Abbi Bons mugshot 2012

But the shocking about this whole thing are not Abbi Bonds’ criminal record but the way her last arrest was seen from the video camera mounted on Pensacola police officer Christopher Michael Geraci’s car.

When the video begins, Abbi is seen getting put of her car talking on the phone, while Officer Geraci ordered her to stay in the car, she keeps talking, but did not get back inside. He  is seen stepping into the scene, grabbed Abbi by the arm, turned her around and then it is quite confusing whether he slammed her face to the car or she fell.

Christopher Geraci Abbi Bonds pensacola policeChristopher Geraci Abbi Bonds

He helped her up to her feet, grabbed her by  the hair and slammed her face to the car. Abbi can be heard  saying..

“I’m not fighting you, why are you hitting me?”

He finally handcuffed her and walked with her to his car, she is heard sobbing, telling him that he has no right to hit her, he told her to be quiet. It was reported she allegedly failed a sobriety test.

She was not injured and didn’t filed a complain, the footage was revealed after it was discovered during a review of videos. He was placed on temporary leave and fired on Friday after a decision was made. Christopher Geraci was arrested that same Friday at 10:23 by the Pensacola Police Department was charged with one felony of battery, he was later released, no bond was set and as for his mugshot is just said “Unpublish”.

pensacola police officer christopher geraci mugshot

Christopher Michaael Geraci was born on April 16th, 1979 in Florida. He studied at Escambia High School, Joined the United States Marine Corps (USMC) on July 1997, left on July, 2002 and joined the Pensacola Police Department on March, 2004.

He resides in Pensacola with his wife Sara

Abbi Bonds picAbbi Bonds picsAbbi Bonds pictureAbbi Bonds picturesAbbi Bonds photos

Abbi Bonds Pensacola Police Officer Christopher Geraci Video

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