February 26, 2021

Yekaterina Pusepa: Alec Katnelson Girlfriend

Alec Katnelson was found with a knife in his chest, life escaping from his young body and he person accused of attempt of murder him was his girlfriend Yekaterina Pusepa

Yekaterine Pusepa Alec Katnelson girlfriend pic

Check out 22 year-old Yekaterina Pusepa aka Katerine Pusepa she said studied at James Monroe High school and Pacific Hills, according to her bio she works at Los Angeles Times, now Yekaterina was found covered in blood not her but her boyfriend’s Alec Katsnelson who she stabbed with a kitchen knife  but that she told police he stabbed himself, well Yekaterina changed her statement several times, but let’s start from the beginning.

According to neighbors and family 22 year-old Alec Katsnelson had been dating Pusepa since last November, they move in together into his place he shared with his cousin, but after some time they began to have arguments, that worsen with time, his mother told him repeatedly Yekaterina was not the right girl she was for him once arrested for DUI in 2009, but he didn’t listen at least in the beginning because then Mrs. Katsnelson said Alec was considering getting a restraining order against Yekterina.

In one of their arguments Alec tried to kicked her out of the apartment, things got so bad that cops were called, Alec had to spend that weekend behind bars, this sort of arguments were a regular to  hear from the young couple said their neighbors who heard them screaming and yelling, but never getting into a physical fight but things we heated between them for sure.

Yesterday when they were heard screaming at about 3:00  a.m it became so loud they woke up their neighbors who told to be quiet, they needed to shut but things just got louder..

“She was screaming more and louder,” the neighbor said. “It was anger and hostility like someone making threats. You could tell there was a fight.”

Then Pusepa called 911 she told them a man had been shot or stabbed, a neighbor said she saw Yekaterina helping Alec downstairs, she was found lying on top of him, crying furiously and covered in blood, Pusepa was handcuffed and taken into arrest  by police for questioning, where she first told them that in the argument between her and Alec she took the kitchen knife but he took it from her hands and stabbed himself in the chest, she changed that hours later during questioning, but things  became pretty clear when police were able to hear it from Alec hours after he got out of surgery at the Bellevue Hospital, he told police it was Yekaterina who stabbed him with the kitchen knife, she was hit with charges of attempted murder and assault in the second degree.

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Alec is recovering at the hospital at this moment he is originally from Franklin Lakes in New Jersey went to St John’s and Ramapo High School.

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