March 4, 2021

Yoselyn Ortega- CNBC Kevin Krim and wife Marina Krim’s Killer Nanny

The story we heard yesterday was one of the most  heartbreaking and disturbing, CNBC Kevin Krim and his wife Marina Krim returned home and found their two little children stabbed to death, by their own nanny identified as Yoselyn Ortega who  was rushed to the hospital after a failed attempt to take own life.

Kevin Krim Marina Krim nanny Joselyn Ortega

Nobody could imagine what 50-year-old Joselyn Ortega was about to do to the little children she took care of, Ortega was the nanny for Kevin and Marina Krim’s children 6-year-old Lucia, 3-year-old Nessie and 2-year-old Leo, the children were comfortable with her and seemed to care for her, Joselyn looked like she loved the children as well so what the hell went to that woman’s mind when she took the lives of two of these innocent children?

Joselyn Ortega a Hispanic woman was described  by the Krim’s neighbors as a poker face, cold person, but never for a second she would hurt the children.

“She wasn’t warm,” , usually when you smile at a nanny and the kids, the nanny smiles back. It’s instinctive. But she had a poker face. I didn’t get the sense she was evil, just cold.”

“The kids were always sweet and quiet,” Friedman added. “But she was never friendly.”

Jocelyn Ortega had been working with the Krims for three years, they treated her like family and even bought her a plane ticket to the Dominican Republic every time they  were on vacation and her services were not necessary.

Joselyn Ortega originally from Santiago in the Dominican Republic is a naturalized U.S. citizen has been n the U.S for more than 10 years, she posed for a picture with her family in the Dominican Republic and  the Krims who spend 9 days in February with her and  her family  before hiring her. The Krim called Joselyn “Josie”.

Mrs. Krim took Nessie to her swimming lesson and Joselyn was meeting with them with Lucia and Leo for the dancing lessons,  but they never showed up, so Mrs. Krim  went to look for them at their apartment at La Rochelle.

When she arrived home with her  daughter Nessie she found the lights at the apartment were off so she went down to the lobby and the doorman told her that Joselyn had never left the building, so she went up again.

This time Marina Krim, turned all the lights and search room by room, until he found the gruesome scene, Lucia and Leo in a pool of blood in the bathtub with multiple stab wounds all over their bodies, he nanny  then slit throat in front of Mrs. Krim,  she also cut her wrists.

The children appeared to be alive when the paramedics arrived but they were pronounced dead when they arrived to St. Luke Hospital, their murderer Joselyn Ortega was unresponsive, in critical but stable condition at York- Cornell Hospital where she remains under police custody, police said she may have taken pills. In was later informed that brave Lucia fought  her crazed nanny from stabbing her as police informed she suffered defensive wounds, she died from multiple stab wounds in her neck and stomach, her  baby brother Leo died from two stabs wounds in the neck.

Katherine Garcia, Joselyn’s niece was shocked about the news, she said her aunt was acting a bit strange lately and had started seeing a psychologist recently, but she loved the children.

Celia Ortega who referred her sister Jocelyn to Marina Krim said she would give her life to have the children’s back..

“I’d give you my life,” if it would bring back the children.

She regrets the minute she told Mrs. Krim about her sister, she [Celia] was a nanny for a girl  l in the same ballet class as Lulu and she told Mrs. Krim about Joselyn.

Joselyn Ortega lived with her 17 year-old son Jesus a student at Bronx Catholic school Mount St. Michael Academy and sister, Ortega son is staying with another aunt at  the moment. His mother is expected to be questioned by police, she hasn’t been charged yet.

Ortega’s  neighbors at Hamilton Heights said they noticed some changes in  Josely’s behavior and physical appearance, she told them she was seeing a psychiatrist.

“She lost a lot of weight. She looked very unhealthy. It looked like she was going through some problems,” said Ruben Diaz, 49. “She had aged a lot — like seven years in a few months.”


Back home in Joselyn’s natal Santiago, her father Rafael Ortega Arias who still lives in the house  in the same house #84 where Joselyn lived 20 years ago located in  Anselmo Copello street, in the La Joya sexton said her was once married to a Dominican republic man father of her teenage son but they later got divorce.

Joselyn the younger of 5 children was born May 1, 1962, in her teenage years she studied to become an accountant, her constant trips to New York made her love the city and eventually moved.

The Ortega’s family have been well-known merchants in La Joya and  Baracoa for more than 60 years, they all know Joselyn quit well to hear about the horrible crime she committed has been a shock, but is her father Rafael known as Fello Ortega who can’t believe the woman describe by the news as the killer nanny is the same woman he loves and misses everyday.

“Desde ese momento me siento emocionalmente mal y, por mucha vuelta que le doy a mis pensamientos, no alcanzo a comprender la desgracia en la que está involucrada Joselyn, porque ella nunca dio muestras de un desequilibrio mental que la llevara a cometer un hecho de esa naturaleza, y menos en perjuicio de una familia como esa, que la apreciaba tanto”

Ever since I heard about what happened I have been emotionally devastated, I keep going thru my thoughts and I can’t come to an understanding  about the tragedy Joselyn has involved herself in, because she never sings of a any mental illness that would take her to do an act of this nature, even less to do it to a  family like this [Kim], who appreciate her so much.”

Yoselyn Ortega made her first appearance at the Manhattan Supreme Court on March, 2013, but when the judge learned her psychiatric evaluation were not complete the hearing was quickly adjourned until April 5.

Yoselyn Ortega 2013Yoselyn Ortega 2013 court

3 thoughts on “Yoselyn Ortega- CNBC Kevin Krim and wife Marina Krim’s Killer Nanny

  1. Since I read the news, I am in shock! I am praying for that family. I know with the help of God, family and friends you could go thru anything, but, what that woman did, is not anything, that is an evil crime. God help them! God bless them, they will need it, they still have a little girl! You can tell that the Krim family are such a good people! In fact, I do not know why such bad things happens to good people, maybe, because they are such a good people, that they didn’t even noticed that they were letting the devil inside their house.
    Now, I am reading, that this woman (the murder) woke up, and first thing she did, was, asking for her family! I am wrong, or that is like, I know , I did what I did, now let’s see how is my family! What about the babys, if she did it because she was crazy, why she didn’t woke up screaming!craying ” what I have done”. Why she already have many lawyers? Why she’s not answering police questions? After what you have done lady, now you are acting like, oh I am trying to get away from a car accident ! OMG! That is senseless to me.
    Another thing that is bothering me, is a comment that mrs. Krim, made about the baby boy (Lito) like she called him, she wrote on her blog, Lito loves his Crocks shoes so much, that much ,that one time, the nanny was taking his Crocks off, and he called her “noooo bloody murder”. I don’t know, but ,why he called her that, what did he saw in that evil woman?
    All I know is, I think about this family everyday, every time, I’ve cried a lot feeling her pain as mine, I have children, and I thought about theirs as mine. Hopefully they’ll find peace!! Wish them the best.

  2. As a Dominican lady I feel totally ambarrassed about the horrible crimes she committed. It does not make sense to me how a very nice family helped this woman so much and she decided to take away the most precious treasure from this family. I can not comprehend how a humand being with a conscious can do something like this. She must be the mother of all evil

    She deserve to pay for the crimes of this innocent ones. We all my respect she should be punished with the death penalty.

  3. Iam praying so God can bring comfort to this generous , kind, and nice family. We are all on your side and as parents with sympathasize with you. No one may imagine how painful it can be to lose someone in death, and in this case two innocent victim who were not able to defend themselves. Iam deeply sorry , and I wish you never had to go through this horrible experience.

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