March 2, 2021

Yovoka Bryan/ Yovanka Bryant is McArthur Causeway Cannibal Rudy Eugene’s girlfriend

Over the past weeks since Rudy Eugene  ripped 75% of Ronald Popo’s face in the McArthur causeway, several women have come forward identifying themselves as Eugene’s girlfriends. One of those with whom he was living with during the last moment of his life talked to media but chose to remain her identity a mystery, while Yovonka Bryant hired Gloria Allred to  defend the man she loved and that media referred as the Miami zombie or Miami’s face eater. But who is Yovonka and what did she said about Rudy? other media are also spelling her name Yovanka Bryant

27 year-old Yovonka Bryant was one of the girlfriend Rudy Eugene had, she is not the same woman who cried over the last  day she saw Rudy  just hours before he was fatally shot by Miami police, this new girlfriend is the one who hired Gloria Allred, just because she wanted media to know Rudy was not a zombie, cannibal or anything like that, but a kind, sweet man with whom she felt very safe with.

Yovonka also from Miami is a single mother of three ( ages 11, 8 and 3), her Facebook page is here (restricted to anyone, but her friend), she said her beau was committed to religion recently, always carrying his bible and attending bible studies, she never saw him drunk and just once did she saw him smoking weed.

“He would never leave without it, his Bible, and his Quran was always by his side,” Bryant said. Eugene would place the Bible on top of the Quran on the passenger seat of his car, she said.

“He was just figuring out the Quran. He just really picked up the Quran and was trying to actually get into it as he was into the Bible.”

I felt safe with Rudy,” she said. “He was happy, in a good mood.”

She said her relationship with Eugene began on March, she said that during the four months the dated they saw each other frequently, they love each other, took videos of them along with her children. They send each other texts and had a great relationship until the day of his death.

She added that she went to bible studies with him, marriage was in their plans, in her mind she was sure he would be a great father.

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