December 4, 2020

Rosie McLaughlin is Coleen Rooney’s Beloved little sister

Wayne Rooney’s wife Coleen Rooney mourns for the loss of her beloved little sister Rosie McLaughlin  who suffered from Rett Syndrome. Rosie was 14.

Rosie McLoughlin  Coleen Rooney sister-pic

14-year-old Rosie McLaughlin suffered from Rett Syndrome a brain disorder of the gray matter that affects their development. While the syndrome has been presented in males are  the female who are more likely to have and have a longer life, males live up to two years while there have been cases of females with Rett Syndrome that live up to 40 years.

Coleen’s family adopted Rosie when she was two years of age, first took her a foster child and eventually officially adopted by Mr. Tony McLoughlin and his wife Mrs. Colette McLoughlin.

Mr. McLoughlin ran a boxing gym and Mrs. McLoughlin  was a nursery nurse, when she took Rosie into her home, she knew she was disabled, Coleen who was 14 at  the time recalls when little Rosie came home..

‘I must have been about 14 when Rosie came to us. She was two years old and Mum and Dad took her in as a foster child at first, before going on to adopt her.

‘We knew that she was sick but we didn’t know how serious it would turn out to be. It was Mum who noticed that something was really wrong.

‘When Rosie arrived she could crawl, and even though she couldn’t use her hands that much she would handle toys on her play mat and she could eat.

‘But over a period of time she stopped crawling and lost what use of her hands she had. Then she started having problems swallowing her food. She would cough and choke and bring food back up as she was trying to eat.’

Rosie couldn’t talk, walk and had to be fed by a tube, she died peacefully at 2:50 a.m at her home surrounded by her loved ones.

‘Sadly our special angel Rosie, our much-loved daughter and sister, went to heaven at 2.50am this morning at home, where she was surrounded by her loving family.

‘Rosie was just 14 years old, and fought a life-long battle with Rett syndrome.

Throughout her life she brought so much love and happiness to all our family and everyone who knew and met her.

‘She was such a strong little girl and an inspiration to us all. We shall cherish forever the memories we have shared and the love she showed us each and every day of her life.

‘As a family we are heartbroken, but we are blessed to have had her in our lives.

‘The family would like to thank everyone involved in Rosie’s life for their love and support and for their messages of heartfelt condolence today.

‘We would also like to thank the many doctors, consultants, nurses, helpers and friends who all worked so hard and tirelessly to help make Rosie’s life better. In particular, we thank everyone at Alder Hey Hospital and Claire House Children’s Hospice.

‘There will be no further statements from the family at this time.’

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Coleen Rooney, and her beautiful family during this sad time. like then we thank God for the time Rosie blessed them with her presence.

Take a look at Rosie McLoughlin’s memorable photos in the gallery below.

Rosie McLoughlin  Coleen Rooney sister picsRosie McLoughlin  Coleen Rooney sister picturesRosie McLoughlin  Coleen Rooney sister picRosie McLoughlin  Coleen Rooney sister pictureRosie McLoughlin  Coleen Rooney sister-photoRosie McLoughlin  Coleen Rooney sister-photosRosie McLoughlin  Coleen Rooney sister-picsRosie McLoughlin  Coleen Rooney sister-pictureRosie McLoughlin  Coleen Rooney sister-picturesRosie McLoughlin  Coleen Rooney sister photoRosie McLoughlin  Coleen Rooney sister photos

One thought on “Rosie McLaughlin is Coleen Rooney’s Beloved little sister

  1. I would like to say that little Rosie was a tremendous inspiration to everyone. May, I send my sincere condolences to her family.
    She was a marvellous little girl who suffered from a terrible illness. It makes us all think how fortunate we are in life.
    Children, who suffer with life threatening illness touch the hearts of everyone. As an Arsenal supporter, I would like to say that children like Rosie, unite us all in feeling compassion for our fellow human beings.

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