February 25, 2021

Brittni Glass: Jovan Belcher’s other Woman he Spend the Night before Killing Kasandra and Himself

The linebacker of Kansas City Chiefs,  Jovan Belcher committed suicide and killed his GF Kasandra Perkins but before this, he went to have dinner and some cocktails with a mysterious woman: Brittni Glass

Before this tragic incident occurred, he even took her home and slept some hours before some cops woke him up. He then came back to Brittni’s place but left later.

He was woken by some of the lady’s neighbors because he had a meeting with the team.

Went he came back to his own house, he started fighting with his GF and shot her before killing himself in the team’s stadium in front of his coach and general manager. His mum found the dead body of her in-law.

Glass reported:

I was with him that night, that’s it.

One of her neighbors, added:

His Bentley was parked outside. He went upstairs. He was drunk. He went up to see the girl.

Apparently, his GF (Kasandra Perkins) was upset with him after a concert of Trey Songz. She said why she assisted to the gig to her girl friends:

To take a break.

Her family released a statement:

Our wish is for Kasi to be remembered for the love she shared with us all. Kasi will be truly missed.

The cop who saw her firsthand described the crime scene:

Early 20s female. She’s been shot about three or four times. One to the chest, one to the neck, one to the abdomen. All went through.

Belcher was having problems with alcohol, meds and  head injuries. All this, plus the stress, the team responsibilities and his own attitude caused him to commit this crime.

Kasandra and Belcher were stressed after the baby was born. They couldn’t handle the environment. They were constantly fighting.

Angela Perkins (Kasandra’s cousin) says:

It wasn’t a healthy thing that was going on.

She was stressed. He was stressed. It just started to go bad, but they had the child, and they were trying to make it work.

Eric Oakes (Belcher’s cousin) said that Belcher was not taking any drugs or had any trauma.

The baby who survived is just 3-months-old. Zoey will live with her grandmother, her daddy’s mum.

One of his buddies remembers how things were between the couple:

They have been arguing for quite sometime and had separated two weeks ago.

He had brought her and the baby back home however, they were both arguing on a regular basis. Both of them are/were very young and immature and that combined with other factors led to this tragedy.

Apparently, Perkins was doing bad at school and quit her job. She was looking for a lawyer so she could get money from him. His earnings were  $1,927,000!

Odd…He was part of the campaigns against violence towards women.

He mentioned once:

Look honestly at my actions in regard to violence and make changes if necessary.

We can’t believe this happened. Guns, stress, alcohol, this occurred to a good man and his family. We have to watch out and avoid by all means any form of violence.

This picture came out when searching for Brittni Glass, Fandaily can’t confirm this is the Brittni Glass with Jovan Belcher, in case you have any information about this girl and the real Ms. Glass please we would appreciate your contribution.

This site here has an interesting updates about Ms. Glass

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