October 20, 2020

Fabian Zanzi- John Travolta Sexual Assault Accuser #3 (PHOTO)

So John Travolta has been hit with not one but three sexual assaults accusations by men, although we just know Travolta’s two accusers as John Doe #1 and John Doe #2, the third man that claimed he was too a victim if sexual assault by John has been identified as ship cruise Fabian Zanzi.

Fabian Zanzi John Travolta cruise ship acuser picture

The first two men that accused John Travolta of sexual assault are seeking $1 million, both unidentified masseurs claimed that the famous actor, groped them and tried to have sex with them, plus many other explicit things that I just can’t even write about.

Today a third man claimed he was too a victim of John Travolta sexual advances in 2009, unlike the John Does, he has chosen to revealed his name as Fabian Zanzi, a former employee with Royal Caribbean International, well actually ABC.es referrers to Fabian as the former Crew Manger at Royal Caribbean, he was in charge of taking care of all VIP passengers on May, 2009 when he met John Travolta who got onboard the cruise in Miami, Fabian said John became obsessed with him.

Fabian Zanzi said Travolta told him he had something on his neck, he [Zanzi] said he thought it was some fluff or loose thread when he approached he took his white robe off and bam! he was naked, but allegedly and according to Fabian the incident was not over, John hugged him and asked Zanzi to do a massage, so Fabian began to massage his neck for a few minutes before he proceed to leave, right that moment John offered him $12.000 to have sex with him, Zanzi rejected the offered and left, he then told his colleagues but none of them believed him.

“Me dijo que tenía algo en el cuello. Creí que era una pelusa. Al acercarme, se sacó la bata blanca y se quedó desnudo. Me abrazó y me pidió que le haga un masaje”, explicó Zanzi en declaraciones al programa chileno “Primer plano”.

“Le hago un breve masaje en el cuello, de segundos, y me retiro y le digo que eso no es lo que corresponde, y ahí me ofrece 12 mil dólares. Voy donde los encargados para contarles lo sucedido, y no me creen”

Fabian Zanzi said he then told his superiors, but not just they did not believed him but they locked him in his room as punishment.

Read legal documents here

For months Fabian fought against Travolta’s legal team to get his case to be heard in court but it was until February 5th that he finally won his battle. Unless a settlement is reach between both parties, this case could go to trial

Fabian Zanzi John Travolta cruise ship acuser photoFabian Zanzi John Travolta cruise ship acuser picFabian ZanziFabian Zanzi John Travolta cruise ship acuser pictures

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