February 28, 2021

Nathan Wilburn- Bengals Cheerleader/ Teacher in Sex Scandal Sarah Jones’ Ex- Husband


Sarah Jones is the Bengals cheerleader and former high school teacher who was accused of having sex with a 16 year-old student, today her ex- husband Nathan Wilburn speaks up!

Nathan Wilburn Bengals cheerleader teacher Sarah Jones  husband


We all heard the story about Sarah Jones the 26 year-old cheerleader with the Cincinnati Bengals who has been accused of sexual abuse and unlawful use of electronic devices to solicit illegal activity, Jones who has been cheerleading for 5 years was also a tenth grade teacher at  in Edgewood, Kentucky, but after the sex abuse allegations began she resigned last November, if convicted she could be in jail for up to ten years.

Remember we are talking about the same Sarah Jones who sued Nik Richie from TheDirty.com for character defamation after pictures of her appeared on the site adding that she had two STD’s and she was a slut, Jones.

Sarah Jones Bengals Cheerleader

Loosing her job at the school was not the worst for Jones, her marriage to husband Nathan Wilburn who is her high school sweetheart is over after just one year of marriage.

26-year-old Nathan met Sarah while they were in high school, he was 14 when they started dating, then in July 2010 they flew to Disney in cali, got on one knee and popped the question.

They got married on July 16, 2011 they split up shorty after their disastrous honeymoon in St. Lucia.

‘She just changed and we were arguing all the time. At the time I had no idea what was going wrong, but I now know that she was seeing this other boy.

‘Our marriage just broke down and after six weeks we separated. I was devastated. I had been with Sarah since I was 14-years-old. No one wants to see their marriage end so quickly.’

Nathan said Sarah persuaded him to try and get the marriage annulled on the grounds that it wasn’t consummated. “That was a lie, but I said I’d go along with it but we never proceeded along those lines.’

Nathan now lives in Independence, Kentucky with his grandparents 61-year-old Diane and Paul Wilburn who raised him as their son at their , Nathan works at the Erlanger’s Toyota dealer in the logistics department

 She moved out on August 24 and he filed for annulment at Kenton Circuit Court this year since their marriage was not consummated. While Nathan said he hopes all the allegations are false, he can’t confirm nothing happened..

“Of course I don’t want my wife to be guilty of having sexual relations with a young boy,” “I go back and forth every day as far as whether I feel it’s true or not true.” Nathan Wilburn said.”But if she is not she deserves to go to jail” he added.

Sarah pleadied guilty to having sex with a former student, she walked out of the courtroom holding hands with her former student who is now her 18-year-old boyfriend. He won’t be visiting Jones at jail since she won’t be spending any time behind bars, the judge sentenced her to  five years’ probation and cannot apply to work as a teacher again. Question? Who is Jones’ boyfriend, he looks a bit like Zeke Pike right? But sure, that is not him, Jones’  boytoy is Cody York

Sarah Jones boyfriend 2012Sarah Jones boyfriend 2012 picZeke Pike Sarah Jones boyfriendZeke Pike

Nathan Wilburn couldn’t believe what just happened when his ex-wife walked out of court, not  just because she was with the teenager with whom she cheated on him and continued to date but because she fooled jail time ad she even told him about what she was planning to do just days before her trial,  even though she took a plea deal and admitted the offense to keep her out of prison, she still said she was innocent.

‘Two days before the plea deal she called to tell me she was going to plead guilty. I was just stunned. I’d heard rumors but had refused to believe them because she had been so insistent. 

‘Even then in the phone call Sarah kept on saying she did not do anything wrong. She told me she was innocent and doing it to protect her mom – but innocent people don’t plead guilty.’

‘She is a sexual predator and should have been locked up for what she did. Teachers do not have sex with their students,’ said Nathan, 26. She was in a position of authority and abused it. She abused that boy.

‘If I were a teacher and had an affair with a teenage girl I would be looking at prison time. There is no justice there. It is just wrong.’

If that wasn’t enough humiliation Sarah filed a restraining order against Nathan, he can’t hear from her if all the accusations were really tru, how did it all began and why.

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  1. her lovers name is Cody york..he graduated in 2012 I went to school with him his twitter account is
    @c_yorkie03 his instagram account is yorkflow3 its really gross she got off with this it pisses me off

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