October 20, 2020

Anaia Barnes- 5 year-old Swims With Shark on Video

Talk about bad parenting, Anaia Barnes’s parents David and Elana were proud to post a video on YouTube showing their  five-year-old daughter swimming in a water infested with sharks. as you can imagine the video caused outrage around the Nation if not the world.


Five-year-old Anaia Barnes and her parents David and Elana Barnes from Connecticut went on a vacation trip to the Bahamas and checked out the Lemon sharks, well not just checked them out but actually swam with them, Anaia included.

The video begins with Elana and Anaia Barnes watching a local man feeding the sharks before they could get in the water, minutes later they watched as  the same guy puts big chunks of meat to drag  the sharks out of the water.

And the final minutes Aina is seen snorkeling along her parents in the water, full with sharks. For the little girl it was a fun experience, her parents didn’t see any danger in allow their daughter to swim with sharks.

At no point did I feel like this was dangerous. Like going on a rollercoaster you’re probably not going to fall off but it’s still scary,” Elana Barnes told ABC.

“There’s just always risk assessments in life every day, I’m more concerned that they don’t put seatbelts in school buses.” Added David Barnes.


Anaia-Barnes-5-year-old-swims-sharks-picAnaia-Barnes-5-year-old-swims-sharks-picturesAnaia-Barnes-5-year-old-swims-sharks-photoAnaia-Barnes-5-year-old-swims-sharks-imageAnaia-Barnes-5-year-old-swims-sharks-photosAnaia-Barnes-5-year-old-swims-sharks-picsAnaia-Barnes-5-year-old-swims-sharks-imagesAnaia-Barnes-5-year-old-swims-sharks-pictureAnaia-Barnes-5-year-old-swims-sharksAnaia-Barnes-5-year-old-swims-sharks imageAnaia-Barnes-5-year-old-swims-sharks imagesAnaia-Barnes-5-year-old-swims-sharks picAnaia-Barnes-5-year-old-swims-sharks picsDavid Barnes Elana Barnes Anaia Barnes parents


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