March 4, 2021

Brandon Lincoln Woodard is L.A Man Shot in Manhattan

Yesterday several people were in shock after a young man was shot in the back of his head in broad-daylight in front of all of them, this poor man was identified as Brandon Lincoln Woodard a father of a little girl, aspiring rapper, law student with a criminal record, police said Woodard was the target in the planned crime.

Brandon Wooward killer pic

Brandon Woodard’s killer vanished as if he were a ghost, witnesses saw him calmly walking to the car waiting for him in the street, they were is no rush to flee the crime scene and took their time to stop at a red light, just like that all while Brandon laid dying  on his back, blood pouring from his face outside St. Thomas Choir School, a Christian boys boarding school at 202 W. 58th St. around 2:00 p.m just minutes after he left his hotel.

Brandon Wooward killer pic

The assassin seen in a security camera (video below) got out of a car and waited approximately 40 minutes for Brandon, he was described as a black man wearing khakis, a black hooded coat and a red scarf, but no more than that, no names, or arrests and sadly no leads or motive.

Brandon’s  tearful family has no clues about why or who would want to kill someone who they describes as a good son, friend and father of a beautiful 4-yea-old girl. Police don’t know what was Brandon doing in NYC, some said he was on vacation, he has a relative living in the city (Jamie Woodard), he was probably visiting her.

31-year-old Brandon Lincoln Woodard was born on June 30, 1981 to 72-year-old Jessie Lincoln Woodward and Sandra Reynolds, they got divorce a year after Brandon was born, he grew up with his mother in Ladera Heights.

Brandon Woodard graduated in 1999  from Campbell Hall High School, he then attended Loyola Marymount College in Los Angeles and in 2003 he graduated with a degree in business administration. He then went to law school.

Brandon Lincoln Woodard mugshot

Brandon hope to become a rapper, he had his running with the police (in 2009 he was arrested for possession of cocaine he pleaded no guilty to a hit and run charge that same year, a year earlier he was arrested for a burglary at at least two L.a markets including Whole Foods) and in 2004 he got involved in a fight with a bodyguard for R&B star Usher at a Las Vegas concert), but he put that beside him and was committed to his studies, and be a good father for his little girl, his girlfriend and mother of his daughter is Desiree.

Brandon Lincoln woodard daughterBrandon Lincoln Woodard LA law student picture

You can find Brandon Woodard on Facebook here.

Brandon Lincoln woodardBrandon Lincoln Woodard LA law studentBrandon Lincoln Woodard LA law student photoBrandon Lincoln Woodard LA law student pic

4 thoughts on “Brandon Lincoln Woodard is L.A Man Shot in Manhattan

  1. AH! THE KEY PHRASE THAT EXPLAINS IT ALL — “Aspiring rapper” ……. he was into shit he shouldn’t have been into. Drugs, money, whatever – all the same crap story that you get when you’re talking about young black males in today’s world.

    Not to mention his rap sheet as long as the year has days.

  2. One less loser off the streets. Lesson here kids? Don’t get involved in crime. -Prez Obama

  3. NWA unfortunately you are correct this is a story heard over and over again with young black males. However, Brandon was not an aspiring rapper. I knew him personally fro many years. Miss guided in some ways but not a rapper. We are all trying to cope with this so perhaps a little more sensitivity would be in order. His family and friends are in mourning. Thank you!

  4. I knew him very closely. You really shouldn’t say such horrible things about such a good person that you don’t know.

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