October 27, 2020

Carly Baker Is Cricketer Tom Maynard’s Girlfriend

Meet Carly Baker she is the beautiful girlfriend or the dear cricketer Tom Maynard , who was tragically killed by a line train in South London. Carly made tribute to the man she describes as the most wonderful man I the world that made her the happiest girl.

Tom Maynard girlfrirend Carly Baker

23-year-old Tom Maynard from Vardiff, Wales was an outstanding batsman with Surrey. His impressive genes came from his amazing father Matthew Maynard former batsman with Glamorgan and current coach with the Nashua Titans.

Tom made his debut with Glamorgan in 2007, after  four years there he was transferred to Surrey where he made his debut in September 2011. His last game was on June 5, 2012 against Scotland. Maynard was driving erratically his Mercedes when police pulled him over. At about 4:15 a..m Tom stopped but flee the scene on foot, heading towards Wimbledon Park station where he might hit the high voltage tracks and passed out, an hour later police found him dead on the tracks.

The train conductor  from the early train said he saw the motionless body but he was unable to stop in time. Tom was pronounced dead at the scene.

It is believe he headed towards his girlfriend house, Carly Baker.

25-year-old Carly Baker a model, singer and actress from South West London. A modeling pageant for Shout Magazine was her modeling debut at the early age of fourteen, by the time she was 15 Carly became Fuji International Record Company F2’s singer with the duo Mynxster. She then joined Holla  the girl band group that signed with BMG Records.

As a model Carly Baker has been in the cover of FHM, Nuts, DailyMail, The Sun and Lads Magazine. Commercials for Playstation, Your Fit CD Anthem Advert,  Call TV, Ministry Of Sound Big Tunes. Plus she explored with her acting skills in Professor Green Music Video “I Need You Tonight.”

Carly made a beautiful tribute to her beloved Tom on Twitter..

Carly Baker Twitter

Our thoughts ad prayers go out to Carly and Tom’s family during this difficult time.

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