November 24, 2020

Clive Wheldon is Dan Wheldon Father

Indy 500winner Dan Wheldon died  on October 16th at the IndyCar championship’s finale in Las Vegas. Today hos beloved father Clive Wheldon remember his champion son..

dan wheldon parents Clive Wheldon Sue Wheldon

Dan Wheldon died at age 33 on October 16th, 2011 after he was involved in a 15 car crash in Las Vegas where the IZOD Indy car race was been held, Dan was rushed to the hospital in a helicopter but sadly he was pronounced dead two hours later, Dan is survived by his family that includes wife Susie sons, Sebastian and Olivier as well as his  brothers and parents. Today Dan’s father Clive Wheldon released a tribute video in his beloved son’s memory.

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59 year-old Clive Wheldon and his beloved wife Sue have been married for 37 years, they are the proud parents of their sons, Dan (33), Ashley (30), Austin (26), Elliot and daughter Holly (17), early this year Clive’s wife Susan (57) was diagnosed with Alzheimer, when Dan won the Indy 500 he send a special tribute to her mum. Clive Wheldon owns a plumbing and heating business in England, about 40 miles north of London

Clive Wheldon dan wheldon father

Mr. Clive Wheldon released the following speech in his son memory..

“The family would like to thank everybody for their support in such a difficult time.

“Daniel was born to be a racer and yesterday he left us doing what he loved, he was a champion on and off the track.

“He was a devoted son to Sue and myself, loving husband to his wife Susie and a loving father to his children Oliver and Sebastian.

“Words cannot describe how much our family will miss him. We want to thank everyone for allowing us time to grieve in private.”

Dan wheldon father Clive Wheldon pictureDan wheldon father Clive WheldonDan wheldon sister Holly Wheldondan-wheldon-wife-susie-wheldondan-wheldon-wife-susie-wheldon-picture indycar-driver-dan-wheldon-with-his-family-wife-susie-left-holding-oliver-and-sebastian-dan wheldon indy 500Clive Wheldon picturesClive Wheldondan wheldon dad Clive Wheldon pictureClive Wheldon picture

Clive Wheldon flew to St. Petersburg, Florida where he said his final goodbye to his dear son Dan, at his funeral held on Saturday October 22.
Clive Wheldon Dan Wheldon’s father video

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