November 29, 2020

Danielle Cara Sutton Is Rugby Referee Jason Lees Wife

A shocking story hit us today when we heard that international rugby referee Jason Lees threw his 2 year-old son from Brisbane’s 243ft-high Story Bridge then jumped to his death, they are survived by Lees’ wife Danielle Cara Sutton.

Danielle Cara Sutton Jason Lees Wife-pics

40 year-old Jason Lees from Canada took his two year-old son Brad from their home in Seven Hills  at 2:30 and drove to Kangaroo Point, there he and the toddler rode in a bicycle to Brisbane Bridge, where he  threw his son before plunging to his death,  a person who was walking  there from a night out witnessed the horrible scene call the police bat about 3:30, paramedics arrived but they were pronounced death at the scene.

Mr. Lees worked at Churchie (Anglican Church Grammar School ) where his son also attended. His wife Danielle Cara Sutton a psychologist had recently separated from Lees, she has been questioned by police in efforts to understand why did he killed himself and most shockingly why did he killed his son too.

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24 thoughts on “Danielle Cara Sutton Is Rugby Referee Jason Lees Wife

  1. Why do the press keep on using terms as ‘ the perfect father’ and ‘elite teacher’ to describe Jason Lees. The terms ‘selfish’ and ‘callous are more apt descrptions of this man who threw his innocent child from a bridge thus murdering him!
    Oh I suppose the students at the school where he worked may well need some counselling and be in mourning but I have yet heard anybody mention the terrible grief the mother of this poor victim is going through! Just imagine the amount of counselling she’s going to need to help her through this.
    Why did he do it? Perhaps because he was gutless!!

  2. Why is this man being lauded as a wonderful teacher, coach etc. He is a murderer.

    My heart goes out to his former wife – I could not even start to imagine her feelings.

  3. This is so tragic. Mental health issues are so hard to understand and help isn’t readily available to those that need it. I have been around the issues with someone known to me and at times it is a torturous merry-go-round. However, many people that commit suicide have colleagues etc saying ‘but he was a normal person’. Nobody, not even family are always aware what a persons psychological frame of mind may be. I must say this though, why take the life of a precious child who did not have the chance to live a normal life. RIP

  4. Well unless any of you have been in crisis then you wouldn’t understand. No it isn’t right that he took a Childs life or that of his own. Anyone who has experienced depression or even contemplated suicide knows that all sense of a reality is no where to be found. There is no hope … There is no option…. RIP little Brad and Jason too. There is a family mourning the loss of their son, their brother or uncle too xo

  5. The mother needs counseling? Yup, maybe but it’s too late now. She should go through counseling before leaving her husband and destroying the family!

  6. Because he clearly was a wonderful teacher and a coach. He clearly was a normal man who loved his son, his family. One has to ask “What has his former wife done that brought him to such drastic mental state and decision?” He must have suffered so much that he simple could not take it anymore. Was there anyone to support him? Was she there?

  7. Well said Devashrii!! We need more attitudes like this in our communities. Stop judging people, people. This woman would do well to use her skills as a psychologist to help others suffering similar fates. using your own pain to help others is the best way to heal. The lessons are then not lost, but multiplied.

  8. As someone who has suffered immense grief from watching a husband being electrocuted and being left with 3 small children aged 4, 2 and 11 months old, I can only say that suicidal thoughts are very normal in tragic situations. Who knows why some people actually go through with the deed but I truly believe that those who do, are not capable of thinking rationally at the time because of the emotional pain they are feeling. I feel so sad for the entire family … Jason and Brad who have lost their lives and of course, Danielle and the extended families. So many people’s lives will now be destroyed by this event and I know first-hand that they will never recover from it … they will just learn techniques to manage their day-to-day living. RIP Jason and Brad and God protect Danielle..

  9. Wow… she destroyed the family… I think we are forgetting who killed their son. Nothing at all is ever ever ever justifiable for killing your own child, or any child of that matter. Yes he was probably hurt by a relationship break down.. It’s no excuse to kill your child. Pure evil way of getting revenge..

  10. Did she leave him or did he leave her? REGARDLESS, aside from your marriage your child should mean the world to you. Yes, having to split from your spouse is horrible for many but to kill your innocent child, and yourself over it? Please. No person is worth killing yourself over and to have the ability to pick your child up and throw them to their death is sickening.

  11. I have seen so many friends, that are fathers, suffer at the hands of ex-wives (mothers of their children). Where was her stay in power as a wife? and professional judgement…….she was the most qualified person around him to stop or help this situation. How do we know the she was not making theats to take the fathers rights away like so many other ex wives. Its not about them its about the kids. No matter what a husband has done to a wife she has no rights to decide the relationship between the father and child.
    Yes I have experience with a partner with depression also.

  12. No one even knows as yet that Jason was depressed. He snapped. How else could he be that highly functioning successful person if he was so depressed? He may have threatened his wife and she had to leave. Why else would she leave if he was such a well liked respected nice man he certainly could not have been all that to her. He may have qualities no one saw except his wife. No one can lead a stubborn adult afflicted with any mental illness to get help. The person has to do it themselves. I dont believe he was depressed at all. More like he snapped and took out an act of revenge against his wife. His life should not be celebrated. Murderers in jail are not celebrated. The little baby should be celebrated. The innocent one. If Jason is so innocent of having no control over his actions due to untreated depression then why hasn’t there been any family member of Both sides to give a clearer idea of what was going on between husband And wife. Perhaps it may help those who go through such a thing as separation to always put the child’s safety first. Hopefully many women will learn from this who will think twice to leave their children in the care of an unstable dad. No one knows what happens behind close doors but the mentality that it is the wife’s fault to leave or cause this event is false. There are many women who do stay and support their husbands throughout their mental illness and it is a huge responsibility. There also many men who leave the family unit and the mums have to pick up the pieces. I dont understand why his wife would leave without the child unless she trusted the dad to keep her son safe. She did not obviously think he would ever harm their child or she would not have allowed Jason to have his son in his care at any time esp if he was so depressed as the media report. I know people who are severely depressed and medicated or not killing children is not even a thought. Its more about self. Jason does not fit the depressed type. He had intentions to kill his child so as to punish his wife. Why is he not fully to blame? Why he is to be revered as a respectful nice man who was so cherished by work mates and the like is a complete and utter joke. If my best friend killed her kid or a close work colleague did I would no longer hold fond memories of any sort. He killed his son in the most horrific way. Why is that overshadowed by his so called law abiding life prior to that? If any of my family did what he did they would cease to exist as anything human in memory. To take the life of a harmless child so innocent and with so much potential is something that there are no positives in, regardless of the murderers prior character. Society place too much value on the offenders in crime and not the victims. Once again this is the case. It makes me sick to read about this so called great teacher he was a nothing when he did what he did. He is a complete nothing in my books.

  13. I agreed with Bob, we don’t know the full extend of the whole story. From the picture of him and his baby boy you can tell he did love him and wanted to protect him. Also from his FB he displayed his wedding ring finger proudly, thus loving his family. But like Bob have said…What did his wife have done that made him turn opposite…perhaps one should ask what did she told him on the Sunday when they went out to lunch in Gold Coast?
    He doesn’t seem to have the support that might or could’ve have prevent this aweful measure. His family is oversea. Danielle seems to be off at Gold Coast; why isn’t she with her child?
    I wondered what she had said to him that Sunday lunch? In early morning she tried to call him perhaps guilt or finally realized something is not right?

  14. No one knows the motive why Jason Lees killed himself etc. I thought the media didn’t report suicides and if they are doing so now, why doesn’t the media go the whole hog and let the public know what the motive was for the killing? I feel there is more to this than meets the eye. It seems to me that Danielle Lees shows little concern over what happened, otherwise she would have been taking care of their son. Females these days find any excuse to separate and I daresay Danielle would have found some fault in Jason as an excuse to leave him and she seems an incapable mother and all she can do is wear some poxy dress to say she cared. Not.

  15. Julie wakeup and how on earth was this a violent manner! Maybe think to yourself that men are the victims in this situation but the law hasn’t reckonised this yet but women are becoming more selfish, money hungry and purely materialistic! For heaven sake girl, can’t you see the real signs to why this poor innocent man did this….. obviously his wife had intentions to ruin his life and not allow Brad to have any contact with his father. There has been many cases of men suiciding and unfortunately their children have suffered without their father. In this case, he did something that no-one will ever know about. So IF YOU’VE never experienced something so crued happen to you where your husband has left you or vice versa, perhaps you shouldn’t be so judgemental. I suggest that you get a taste of reality and find out the real causes to why these things happen. Remember, the law supports evil women and forgets that men are victims but still the poor men have to pay the price from such evil women who think they rule the universe.

  16. Can someone please explain how a terrorist can kill himself and a child in the name of Islam and be condemned, but when a man kills his son and then takes his own life – the event is not only adopted by a Christian system and intrinsic school community as a reasonable act, but it is also accepted by a wider community?

    How dare they?

  17. As to bbbbbbb comments to tell me to wake up. You have no right to infer I have no idea. I am living with a partner with depression I live it I see it I deal with it and it’s a very hard road. I have been abused emotionally mentally physically to such a point I thought why haven’t I left? Only reason at the time was because I learnt to separate the illness depression from the actual person. That is see the illness as am entity that when controlled and managed can completely change the person suffering with it and especially the family around it. I used to live up close and personal to a depressed partner and still do where they would hide the depression to outsiders co workers extended family friends to such a point where no one when confided to would even agree that my other half had even the slightest problem. Comments like oh but he is such a nice guy he’s so friendly outgoing smart … ” amazing how they disguise it but within my home and when out he would bring out his worst. Starts quite subtle then builds into full abuse. But me knowing he wasn’t always like this kept me hopeful he could be helped. That’s is after ten years of hell name calling insults so degrading his insecurities shown to me were so bad I only stayed with the help of therapy. Over time he has been given proper therapy n medication and life is so much happier. We have 5 children under 8. So why would I stay if my partner a threat? He never threatened the kids. Nor me but he was very controlling. Maybe Jason displayed these behaviors too and she left because of it. Not everyone who seems so perfect as jason seemed are actually a nice guy at home when it’s just him and the wife as I know first hand. It can all be such an act. My partner would as even I know through all the dark times take my children’s life. Jason is different he wasn’t told to be depressed he planned his sons murder. Throwing your child from a bridge IS violent! What is not violent about it? The blackness the terror the fall the being alone and not in safe arms IS violent! Non violent would be defined as cuddling his son while having the car motor on! Imagine the state of the baby’s body after being thrown. Breaks my heart. You men who think the women are after money are selfish and superficial are so wrong. We haven’t heard all the facts yet. The nature of the break up why the mum wasn’t there and his state of mind. I am a mum of 5 who couldve left a man who mistreated me due to undiagnosed severe clinical depression. It’s insulting that the bbbbbbb comment alludes to the fact that women don’t care about their husbands when things go sour. No one wants to know the many women who do stay and support their partners bottom line is what does it take to want to kill your child. It goes beyond depression. WAy wAy more. I have family members who suffer depression and they are no threat to children. Jason wanted to show the world his evil dark side. He
    succeeded in doing that. The mum never deserved to bury her baby like this. Jason was a freak a true
    murderer who wasn’t protecting his son. It doesn’t matter what his wife was like. He Isn’t the victim. Little Brad is. You bbbbbbb who said get a taste of reality you need to get out of your pity party and hear what I say. Do you really think men who separate and have messy custody battles are telling you everything truthful. Do you think all men will say how they may mistreat their wives … No my partner never did/ wasn’t until a family member witnessed my partners behavior after several yeArs of my partner keeping it all away from public did things start to click. Even then no one wants to know! Go to a psychologist bbbbbbb and ask the hard questions. Ill minded husbands are great at living a lie. Maybe the men you know who ate such victims of evil women are great liars too. You have been fooled into their trap. The mentally Ill always blame anyone else but themselves. Don’t tell me I have no clue. You are very bitter about women and it just so happens you obviously haven’t heArd it from a woman’s view. I’m Saying a SANE man DOES NOT kill their own children!!!!

  18. Due to typo error my comment above meant to say ….. even through dark times my partner would NEVER take my children’s life ( line 32). ….

  19. there is no excuse to kill your child, my husband seperated from a former wife and her punishment on him was to withold access and call child support and then give up work. Yes that caused a lot of hassle and pain, yes he suffered as did I trying to help him through this grief, we have children ourselves and my poor husband still has not seen his boy for over 5 years, is it fair, NO, but did he take the cowards way out and harm his son to prove a point NO.
    I understand the feeling that some people have but there is just no excuse to kill your child and no pity should be shown to those who do something so evil, it is that simple.
    I do belive though that the government needs to act and amend the laws under teh family court, I am a mother and I also have a child to my first husband, I have never denied him access and I have never taken a dime in maitenance as this is my belief and I didnt want to subject my child to any torment that may be recieved of his new partner as maintenace causes a big problem for men trying to start a new family and life, I know first hand from experiencing it myself as my husband has gobe through this now for a decade.
    Please dont confuse this with giving men an excuse or women, to murder their children because they feel their life is ruined, there is no reason or excuse to kill your child and everyone has the ability to seek help.

    I do believe however that if the government stopped treating mother as teh number one parents and treated fathers as equals then there would be less of this sort or stress and could poddibly reduce injuries and maybe some deaths, but again, this can not be confused with condoning or making excuses for a man who killed himself and his son because he couldnt deal with life.

    People die every day from illness , accident and people suffer grief, you just dont kill your child because you feel your life is worthless.

  20. What ever your own self pity is, you just do not kill your child, i understand the family laws are shocking and bias agaist fathers, but no one deserves to have their child murdered, and no one should be mourned for committing such a horrendous cruel act on a tiny toddler. The worst that can happen is she left him for someone else and he has to pay child support, yes the laws are bad and child support is unfair, but if that is the worst thing that could happen then that is nothing compared to taking your sons life because of your own self pity. Please don’t condone what he did and don’t blame other people, he did this, not the mother. Even if she was the worst mother and wife in the world (which I doubt) it was not her who threw her child off a bridge. Men leave there wives for younger woman all the time, but the precentages are 8 fold for fathers killing their childrena nd it is always to hurt the mother. I only wish he had sort help instead of spending his time on an elaborate plan to take an innocent life

  21. Absolutely well put elly. It must be rough when another human puts her ex and new partner thru such misery as your husbands ex has. What drives mums And dads to behave so vicious is beyond me. ESP when little innocent children involved. Jealously and failed expectations lead to bitterness. It’s when to let go of those feelings. Children grow up they become adults and can seek out parents and try and rebuild relationships at an older age. Jason the killer never allowed his son that chance to make his own choices. Such a waste of a beautiful boy. Where is the follow up? Any more details. Why is mental health or family issues such a relationship breakdowns more openly discussed in public and bought attention to so that people suffering these often silent battles can reach out for help without shame or fear. I mean so many causes are given a public sometimes famous face ESP if it involves high profile people. Someones wife (famous) dies sadly of breast cancer and the awareness increases tremendously and society are engaged aware and able to confront that issue, what has been raised in relation to Jason killing his child? Is it a depression mental health issue, a marital issue, family… What can be done to prevent or raise awareness in mums and dads so that innocent children’s lives are spared? will jasons ex reveal in her mind what she thinks happened and perhaps put a label or a list of signs to look for? Could she use her psychological knowledge to educate other parents what could trigger such a crime? Or is Jason an exception to any type of analysis. She may have not seen any clues. Hindsight is a great thing but when your up close you dont even look for signs. In any case jason so perfect in other people’s eyes he must of been quite adept at masking his true feelings and chose not to be rational. He displayed fairness ( refereeing) kindness ( students) love ( in pictures with his baby son) so has any professional given any opinion on what triggered him to become murderous? Are many mums and dads feeling these emotions too when involved in these family versions And just somehow work through the dark thoughts? But once in a while someone acts upon them? I hope little baby Brad shines the light for the mums and dads who are experiencing break ups that such tragedy can occur and may it help them work harder at being fair to each other and the kids and always keep the children’s safety as top priority.

  22. I think the public deserves to know what motive Jason Lees had for committing such an act. The police etc have made it clear they are not going to divulge what the motive was. Until we all know why he did it, we can’t make any judgments based on speculation.

  23. Further to my previous comment, it would appear that Danielle Lees did destroy the family. It’s often too easy these days for the female to leave their partner. I’m not too sure why everyone on here is badmouthing Jason, for all we know, Danielle could have been the epitome of selfishness. A bit of respect for the dead would be appreciated.

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