September 20, 2020

Debbie Haas Meyer- Williams is Moon River Andy Williams’ Wife (PHOTOS)

American singer and television presenter Andy Williams lost his battle to bladder cancer on September 25, 2012 at the age of 84. He is survived by his wife Debbie Meyer Williams and his  children Noelle, Christian, and Robert Williams.

Andy Williams Wife Debbie Meyer Williams photo

Mr. Andy Williams born on December 3, 1927 in Iowa began his solo career when he was 26 with RCA and later with Cadence Records and ultimately Columbia. His most memorable songs include Moon River, Can’t Get Used to Losing You, Happy Heart, and who can’t forget It’s the Most wonderful Time Of The Year, the famous Christmas son written in 1963 by  Edward Pola and George Wyle and released in Andy’s first Christmas album. He won 3 platinum and 17 Gold records and hosted NBC’s The Andy Williams Show for 9 years.

He was diagnosed with bladder cancer last November, doctors told him there was nothing they could do for him  in July, his sadden family reunited to spend the final months with him. He passed away Tuesday night at his Branson Home in Missouri.

Mr. Williams got married twice, first time down the aisle was on December 15, 1961 with French  dancer 70-year-old Claudine Longet who was dancing with the Folies Bergère. Andy and Claudine had three children together his daughter 48-year-old Noelle and sons 47-year-old Christian and 42-year-old Bobby. They couple divorced in 1975.

T4DANWI EC001Andy Williams children Noelle christianNoelle Williams Andy Williams daughterAndy William son Christian WilliamsNoelle Williams Andy Williams daughter picAndy Williams childrenAndy Williams son Bobby Williams

Claudine 35 at the time later dated 30-year-old Olympic skier Vladimir “Spider”  Sabich who she shot on March 21, 1976, at her trial she said the gun accidentally discharged when he was showing her who to  used it, although there were several errors in her trial (cocaine in her blood, Sabich was bending over and 6 feet away from her when he was shot, from that distance it would have been hard to show her who a  gun worked) she was convicted of a lesser charge and served only 30 days in jail and paid a small fine. She is now married to Ron Austin, her attorney who defended her during her trial.

Claudine Longet Vladimir SabichClaudine Longet husband Ron Austin


Meanwhile  Andy Williams was falling in love again, mutual friends introduced him to 58-year-old Debbie Meyer, the woman who became his second wife on May 3, 1991.

Debbie Meyer Williams Andy Williams wife bioDebbie Haas Williams Andy Williams wife

Deborah Marie Haas Williams was born on May 16, 1954 to 81-year-old Raymond Hass from Wilmington, NC. Debbie also known as Debbie Meyer and Deborah A. Williams and her beloved husband lived at their 2500 Country Blvd home in Branson, MO.

Andy Williams wife Debbie Meyer Williams picDebbie Meyyer Haas Williams Andy Williams WifeDebbie Meyer Andy Williams wifeAndy Williams wife Debbie Haas WilliamsDebbie Williams Andy Williams Wife

10 thoughts on “Debbie Haas Meyer- Williams is Moon River Andy Williams’ Wife (PHOTOS)

  1. What a great voice in the world, he will be missed, its truly a tragedy even though he has lived long. Andy brought alot of peace around our holidays when we were all kids in the 1960’s God may he rest in peace!

  2. This loss of Andy isn’t easy to take. He obviously had a good heart, even being willing to defend his ex-wife who deserted him! Wow! If he was able to forgive that much, then that is a sign he received forgiveness by God. I look forward to meeting him in Heaven. Until that day, his music will remain alive in my mind.

  3. God Bless Andy Williams! He brought that shy, sensative quality he had into our homes for a Christmas Show we looked forward to. He was the kind of man that you wanted as a true friend . Sang at Robert Kennedy’s funeral but was still a Republican & he went to the side of his ex-wife when she was in trouble. Hope that the years he spent at Branson, MO with his new wife were plesasant — the Ozarks has a beauty of its own.

  4. God Bless Andy Williams. I have many happy memories of watching his tv shows years ago – especially his Christmas Shows. I never made it out to Branson to see him in later years – wsh I had been able to do so.
    I know I’m dating myself, but back in the day – you had to be a talented entertainer to be on tv or have a show. Now any person with no talent whose claim to fame is that they behave badly can be on tv.
    Rest in peace, Andy. Your family can be so proud of the legacy you leave behind.

  5. Andy Williams was born in my home state and the same year I was born. I love his
    singing and have several of his albums. He was a very likeable guy and I feel like
    I’ve lost a friend. Sincere condolences to his family.

  6. Rest in peace, Andy! May light perpetual shine around you, Amen! Thank you for all the beautiful music you left us. I have a lot of your CDs, & watching your DVDs was & will continue to be part of my Christmas celebration. I love all your songs, but one of my favorites is ‘MAY EACH DAY” -a song of prayers with which you ended most of your shows. May God console & comfort your family, & ‘May the Lord always watch over them’, Amen.

  7. Great voice, he always brought great cheer around the holidays. Moom river that to us is a classice. Even mark twain would have agreed too. See you in heaven andy. In the mean time our thoughts goes out to the fans, and family. Torrie Twain

  8. although I am not american I am really really sad. I love his wonderful voice. His voice is from heaven and makes me fly. God Bless him.

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