October 21, 2020

Edith Casas is Marrying Victor Cingolani Convicted for the Murder of her Twin Sister Johana Casas

Would you date the man convicted  for the murder of your own sister? Would you consider marrying that man? Edith Casa a young Argentinean woman is 100% certain she and Victor Cingolani will get married, he is serving a 13 years sentence for killing Johana Casas her twin sister two years ago.

Edith Casas pic

Going back in time when Johana Casas was murder we met Edith Casa  her twin sister, Victor Cingolani Edith’s BF for 5 years now and Marcos Diaz who Cingolani’s attorney said was dating Johana sat the time of her death.

Víctor CingolaniVíctor Cingolani pic

23-year-old Edith Casas and twin Sister Johana Casas from Rio Gallegos in Argentina are the daughters of  Valentin Casas and Marcelina del Carmen Orellana (they are separated) the twins were close to celebrate their 20th birthday when Johana was shot dead on July 16, 2010.

Johana was a model with the future ahead of her, she was dating Marcos Diaz a young man, who liked to carry guns with him and described as extremely jealous, then comes Victor Cingolani, Johana’s ex-boyfriend, worked in the oil business also liked to carry a gun and was dating her twin sister Edith.

Johana was last seen getting on Diaz’s car, her body was found the next dead by people walking their dogs, cigarettes found next to her body were tested, Diaz’ DNA was found in all.

Johana Casas Victor CingolaniJohana Casas picJohana casas

He was arrested and so was Victor, however Marcos Diaz was released the following day, Cingolani remained in custody.

Marcos Diaz Johana Casas boyfriend picMarcos Diaz Johana Casas boyfriend

Victor Cingolani was found guilty and sentenced to 13 in jail, Marcos Diaz is currently a fugitive.

Edith Casas said her boyfriend is innocent, she said Victor loves her and they are confident about their wedding plans.

Edith Casas pictureEdith Casas

Her family, said the wedding must be stopped as Edith might be suffering from a mental disease, that s the only excuse to explained her will to get married to the man they said killed her twin sister, if she continues with her plans she will be betraying their family and her sister’s memory.

Edith and Victor will get married with just two of their closest friends who will also served as witnesses, several police officers will be guarding Cingolani during the ceremony  after that they will take him back to prison.

Some Argentinean media reported the wedding was cancelled.

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