February 28, 2021

Erin Everly Is Axl Rose’s Ex-Wife (PHOTOS)

Meet Erin Everly, in the mid 80’s  she was  married to Guns N’ Roses lead singer Axl Rose, it was  in her honor that he wrote Sweet Child o’ Mine, plus she comes from a famous family her father was part of the Everly Brothers. Perhaps you remember the nasty domestic lawsuit Erin and Stephanie Seymour filed against Axl? Want to know more about her? Where is she today? New husband? children? Read Erin Everly’s biography  below and enjoy the photos and videos attached to the story.

Erin Everly Axl Rose ex wife_picture

Two decades ago sexy Erin Everly  was dating Guns N’ Roses front man Axl Rose now age 50, according to reports he wrote Sweet Child O’ Mine because of Erin, she along all the band’s girlfriends at that time appeared on the music video which became a world hit, until this day the famous song is legendary.

Erin Everly Sweet child o Mine

Just as legendary as Axl’s meltdowns and sadly Erin was there to witness many of them. The crazy love story between them began during the first months of 1986, Erin was 21 and he was 24, both young, rich, famous and freaking sexy, the attraction was unavoidable.

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Four years later at the on April 28, 1990 at the Cupid Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas Erin Everly became Mrs. Axl Rose well actually Mrs. William Bruce Rose Jr. his real name, but the ink in the marriage documents was still fresh when Axl filed for divorce, he changed his mind when he and Erin reconciled, in September she found out she was pregnant, sadly on October, 1990 she suffered a miscarriage.

Erin Everly Axl Rose marriage certificateErin Everly Axl Rose wedding pic

Erin and Axl separated  a month after she lost the baby and by January, 1991 the marriage was annulled. For some time we didn’t hear from Erin, Axl moved on and was dating model Stephanie Seymour and in 1997 Everly remarry 63-year-old John C. Portman (actress Joannah Portman’s father) an Atlanta business man with whom she had three beautiful children16-year-old son Easan, and daughters 12-year-old Eres and 4-year-old Esper.

Erin Everly Axl Rose ex wife wikiErin Everly childrenErin Everly family nowJack Portman Erin Everly husbandErin Everly daughterErin Everly husband John C PortmanErin Everly Jack PortmanErin Everly son Easan PortmanErin Everly daughter Esper Portman

But when Seymour and Axl engaged in a nasty domestic dispute lawsuit against each other Erin filed her against her ex as well.

The lawsuit filed on March, 1994 accused Rose of causing Erin physical and emotional distress as well as sexual battery, in those attacks she claimed she would sometimes end up in the hospital. To keep it short, they settled on an agreement where Erin walked away with over $1M.

Once the lid was open, Erin talked about the years of constant beating and abused she suffered by the hand of Axl, her career as a model ended when she kept cancelling her modeling jobs because she has bruises all over her body and face that no makeup could cover up.

“She told me [Rose] had dragged her from her apartment and that she had abrasions up and down her body,” says her New York City modeling agent, Faith Kates. In the end, says Kates: “it was sad. She’d had this sparkle in her eye, and it was gone.”

Even her friends talked about how they witnessed Axl’s beatings, or how they tried unsuccessfully to protect her, by calling the cops at the couple’s apartment, but Erin always send them away.

“I was really torn,” Everly says. “Here was my best friend trying to protect me. But there was Axl [hiding behind the door]. My fear was bigger than you can imagine.”

She also talked about the incident that happened on April 27,1990 when he  showed up with a gun  threatening to kill himself if she didn’t marry him, the next day they drove to Vegas and got married, on their way there he promised her he would never hit her again.

Erin Everly Axl Rose ex wife=photoErin Everly Axl Rose ex wife picture

Two months later she was hospitalized,horribly beaten by her husband, they reconciled but he forbade her from seeing her friends, he would lock her out of the apartment and didn’t give her any money. Everly thought things would be better when she became pregnant, but no such thing happened, he threw her out and threatened her to take their baby.

She had a miscarriage during the third trimester, he beat her up for the last time in January the same month she stopped feeling sorry for the trouble childhood he had and had caused his violent behavior, she left him, hoping to see him no more.

“I’d lost everything,” she says. “I had no more fight and no more compassion for the abuse he had gone through.”

“I didn’t think I could survive mentally any longer; I was dying inside,” she recalls. “At the door I turned around and said, ‘I want you to look at me, because you’re never going to see me again.’ And he never has.”

But he didn’t stop searching for her and for over a year he kept contacting her, sending all kind of gifts, she had to get away, how? she had no money.

She sold her wedding rings and moved to San Fernando Valley, moving in and out from that  condo was fast, as soon as he found where she moved and called her, she moved out.

After Axl and before getting married to Mr. Portman, Erin dated Matthew Nelson in 1991, Donovan Leitch and Anthony Keidis in 1992 and David Arquette in 1993. It is probable that Erin and Jack Portman divorced in 2008.

But Erin Everly who suffered from dyslexia in school , didn’t always had a happy loving family, her father Don Everly was a drug addict, in 1963 when Erin’s older sister was just a baby her father had a breakdown, by the time he recovered from his drug addiction Erin who was 7, her mother and siblings moved out, her father didn’t helped her mother financially, so they left their wealthy neighborhood and private school (Buckley) and settled in a modest yet quiet neighborhood, attended the local public school.

Don Everly todayVenetia Stevenson todayVenetia Stevenson

Her mother found a job as a clothing designer and made enough money to provided her children with their needs, she has happy memories about playing at home, taking care of her mother  as she became older, but about her father she has no memories.

46-year-old Erin Invicta Everly was born on November 8, 1965 in Los Angeles, California to Don Everly and actress and model Venetia Stevenson, her older sister 50-year-old Stacy and younger brother 44-year-old Edan.

Erin Everly familyEdan EverlyErin Everly parents sister Stacey

Erin began her modeling career  with 1992 when she moved to NYC and signed with Wilhelmina Models, appeared in campaigns for Guess, Jordache and Bebe among others.

Erin Everly model early yearsErin Everly model pictureErin Everly model bioErin Everly model picturesErin Everly model photosErin Everly model picErin Everly model picsErin Everly modelErin Everly Axl Rose ex wife-pictureErin Everly model photo

**Interesting facts about Erin**

– Her maternal grandparents were soap opera actress Anna Lee director Robert Stevenson.

– Her sister Stacey Everly is an artist in California.

– Her brother Edan Everly is a musician in L.A.

– Erin was arrested on August, 2010 charged with aggravated assault with a knife and possession of a knife, was released after paying a $15.000 bond.

Erin Everly mugshot

Scroll down for more of Erin Everly Postman’s photos and videos.


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Check Erin Everly at her website here, Facebook here.

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