March 1, 2021

Gu Kailai Is China Politburo leader Bo Xilai’s Wife

Bo Xilai was being suspended from the Communist Party’s Politburo and Central Committee after his second wife Gu Kailai, has been arrested for the murder of British Businessman Neil Heywood.

Gu Kailai Bo Xilai wife-picture

As many of you know Bo Xilai was until this day was part of China’s Politburo party, just a month after he was removed from  his Chongqing party on suspicion of involvement in ‘serious discipline violations’. This came after his second wife was arrested in relation to the  mysterious death of Briton Neil Heywood..

This means the political career of Bo Xilai is over,” said Cheng Li, a Chinese politics expert at the Brookings Institution in Washington. “The party wants to really resolve the Bo Xilai crisis in a relatively short period of time. They want to make sure that the attention for the 18th party congress will not suffer too much from the Bo Xilai episode.”

“A political succession that seemed completely predictable has been upended,” said June Teufel Dreyer, a China politics expert at University of Miami. “We may be in for more surprises.”

41 year-old Neil Heywood died last November in Chongqing according to report the cause of death was a cardiac arrest due to excessive consumption of  alcohol, but his friends and family did not accept this, since it was unlike him to drink much. Heywood’s family then believed he was probably poisoned., Heywood was fearful for his safety after falling out with Gu, some media claimed that some believe he may have been a British spy.

His former police chief, Wang Lijun, told Bo  he believed his wife Gu was involved in the death of Heywood, Wang later flew the country and seek asylum in the U.S. consulate in Chengdu, a source close to Wang once said..

‘Wang Lijun has told central investigators that Gu Kailai turned on the British man because of economic interests and that she wanted to destroy him (Heywood), Gu believed Heywood had abused or taken Bo family funds to which the Briton might have had access.”

Heywood who knew Bo’s family for quite some time, he and his wife Chinese national Wang Lulu were the parents of 11 year-old Olivia and 7 year-old Peter. His father died of a heart attack over drink at age 63 back in 2004. Neil was a chain smoker but not a heavy drinker. According to Charles Rowley, Lulu is fearful for her and her family safety..

“Lulu failed to ask for details about her husband’s death, even when the Chinese government advised her husband’s family in England that he had died, not of excessive alcohol consumption, but of simple heart failure. Lulu has maintained her silence over the intervening four months. That failure to bark is surely a response to fear for herself and her two small children, Watson. Threats have been made and silence has been exacted, undoubtedly by the Standing Committee of Nine.”

It was rumored Heywood moved his  strings so Gu and Bo’s son 23 year-old Bo Guagua could attend Harrow School. Perhaps you remember the fact that Bo could afford to pay for Bo Guagua’s tuition was questioned by many, cost at Harrow are about £30,000 a year, Bo then went to Oxford that is about £25.000 and then he enrolled at Kennedy School £71.000, but Bo insisted his son got full scholarships.

52 year-old Gu Kailai, was born in 1960, Began his law studies  at Peking University in 1978, she holds a master’s degree in international politics. She met her future husband in 1984 at Jin county, near Dalian  where he served  as county party secretary. In 1986 she got married to Bo Xilai, their son Bo Guagua  a law student at Harvard University was born the following year.

Gu Kailai parents Gu Jingsheng and  Fan Chengxiu

Gu Kailai’s father was the famous Chinese Military Gu Jingsheng member at the December Ninth Movement and former deputy party secretary of a Xinjiang district committee, it was rumored her mother Fan Chengxiu was accused of rightist and formed Gu to divorced his wife, he refused and was imprisoned for 12 years. Fan is a descendant of the famous historical figure Fan Zhongyan, a politician and a man of letters in the Song Dynasty.

Gu wrote Lawyer of Ma Junren and How to Win a Case in the United States, she represented Olympic track coach Ma Juren who was accused of using performance-enhancing drugs and founder of Kailai Law Firm in Beijing.

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The New York Post reported that Bo Xilai’s wife Gu Kailai, as well as a family aide have been charged with the murder of British business man Neil Heywood.

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