January 22, 2021

Jesseca White: Ne- Yo’s Baby Mama (PHOTOS)

Actually this woman Jesseca White is not Ne-Yo-‘s baby mama’s but nobody was suppose to find out except that we all did when the singer spilled the beans during an interview last year, by doing that he failed to the hush-hush legal agreement both Jesseca and Ne- Yo signed.

Jesseca White Ne Yo baby mama pictures

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Jesseca White dated singer Ne-Yo dated a couple of years ago, they split up in 2005, shortly after that White found out she was pregnant and assumed the baby was Ne-Yo’s, when she gave birth to her adorable son Chimere, Ne-Yo’s name appeared on his birth certificate, but then it was gone, how did that happened?

Well, dah! he was not the father, however how did he found out is unknown, boy! I would love to hear about that, I bet you’d too

Perhaps Jesseca thought her reputation would be damaged and it be a scandal if people knew that their son was not Ne-Yo’s, so she settled an legal agreement with the singer where both parties agreed that  neither would say White’s son was not his, and this settlement worked for a while, but it all went overboard when Ne-Yo confessed all in an interview with VH1 in last September.

Jesseca White Ne Yo baby mama picture

It is because of his big mouth that Jesseca sued him for not fulfilling with his part of the treaty, and this was not the first time Jesseca sued him, before that she accused of not paying her child support, that caused to be evicted from her home.

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Jesseca-White-Ne-YoNe-Yo-Jesseca white

The legal battle is not close to an end between these two because Jesseca is upset about him telling people she tricked him into believing he was her son’s father so she could get money from him, she said he said she was an

“an unchaste woman who deliberately tricked him into believing he was the father of her child … so that she could fraudulently bilk him of ‘ungodly amounts of money.'”

When she told him from the beginning of her pregnancy that she wasn’t sure he was the baby’s father, because of that she is suing him for defamation.

According to her “ABOUT” on Facebook Jesseca White graduated in 1998 from Morse High School in San Diego, in 2003 she graduated with a BA in radio, tv, and film and a minor in Marketing from Prarie View A&M, she is creative director , photographer and designer at Emkron Studios, owner and creator at Access Granted, creative Director at Edge Magazine, LLC and a singer under the name of Phoenix White.

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Ne-Yo Jesseca White Video

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