November 30, 2020

Lana Wood is Natalie Wood Sister

Natalie Wood’s death investigation case has been reopened, one  thing  that has sister Lana Wood very happy and optimistic about finding the truth about her sister’s mysterious death, is Lana right and Robert Wagner is hiding something?

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Lana Wood the surviving sister of actress Natalie Wood said her sister was terrified of water, she was that scare that she wouldn’t even go in her pool. Lana Wood also said Natalie relationship with Wagner was volatile, Lana also said Wagner cut all contact with her after Natalie’s death, she is certain he withheld information and she wanted the case reopened.

‘When Natalie died, Mother flipped. Her brain went and later they diagnosed Alzheimer’s. It was a sad end. I say a prayer and tell her how much I miss her,’ says Lana, her eyes filling with tears. ‘And I tell her I will never stop fighting for the truth.’

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As we all know Lana’s family comes from a Russian heritage, her parents Maria and Nikolai Stepanovich Zacharenko were Russian immigrants, Lana Wood was born Svetlana Nikolaevna Zakharenko on March 1st, 1946 (65) in Santa Monica where her  folks relocated after they moved from Canada.

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Like her older sister she is an actress the first movie we saw her besides her small roles in Natalie’s movies was at The Searches on 1695, after that we saw in several major films perhaps one of the most memorable is as Plenty O’Toole in James Bond 007 movie Diamonds are Forever along Sean Connery.

Last year we saw Lana Wood portrayed Helen in the short film Last Wish, she was co-producer in the 2004 television movie The Mystery of Natalie Wood and certainly you are aware she also wrote a book about her sister called Natalie, A Memoir by Her Sister it was a pretty great book and a top best seller according to the New York Times.

About her personal life we can tell you that she has been married 5 times, the first time when she was 16 to Jack Wrather Jr it didn’t last long and it was annulled, her second marriage was to Karl Brent two years later, third marriage was  to Steve Oliver and fourth to Allan Balter, her fifth and final time down the aisle was to Richard Smedley at the age of 26, from this marriage Lana Wood became the mother of her only daughter Evan Taylor Maldonado born on August ,1974 she is also the mother of her three adorable grandchildren Nicholas, Daphne and Max . The couple filed for divorce  when Evan was one year-old.

But don’t think that was the last time Wood open her heart to love, she dated Alan Feinstein. for years and let’s not forget her short relationships  with Sean Connery, Ryan O’Neal and even Warren Beatty.

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Lana And Natalie Wood Video

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3 thoughts on “Lana Wood is Natalie Wood Sister

  1. Can we say jealous much. Natalie was prettier and had lots more talented than Lana. Robert Wagner Cut his relationship with her because of the hurtful, nasty things she was saying about him. She needs to Shut up in she can’t remember things any better than she does. Get a dictionary and look up foul play, you twit.. It’s a bad thing to get public attention on the back of your dead sister.

  2. Hey Linda! Your comment is quite harsh. Do you have a sibling? I have a sister and if something happened to her like what happened to Natalie, I would always seek the truth. How big of her to acknowledge that RJ has suffered enough. I remember how tragic it was when she died and I pray the family heals and finds some peace.

  3. Lana Wood is a very wonderful, honest, good person. Robert Wagner is a closeted homosexual who had boyfriends while married to Natalie Wood, made her very unhappy and then killed her.

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